Surprised? Not Really!

The opening, which has generated complaints to ABC and the FCC (news - web sites), featured actress Nicollette Sheridan in the locker room, supposedly dressed only in a white towel. She drops the towel and jumps into the arms of Philadelphia Eagles star Terrell Owens. Sheridan was shown only from behind and above the waist after dropping the towel.

I was surprised. We were just flipping channels and were on ABC at 7 pm and all of the sudden there is Nicolette Sheriden in her Edie character from Desperate Housewives in a towel, and then the towel drops and she jumps on a guy. I found it inappropriate for the time slot and for the marketed audience, which is partially kids.

I think it is was poor taste and offensive, and I hope ABC gets fined.

That said, I’m still watching Desperate Housewives.

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