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I’ve known my husband for 35 years, we’ve been married for 32. He’s non-Catholic but has always been very supportive of my faith and the children’s faith. Over the years he has attended Mass with me on special occasions and often when the children were little he’d be there for them so that I could be a reader or EMHC.

Just before Christmas '06 he was at church to help decorate and the choir was rehearsing. Now our choir is pretty hit & miss, no one with any training or anything. He wandered over and started singing with them as did the organist’s daughter who was home for the holidays. They were harmonizing in ways the choir had never been able to so they were invited to sing at Midnight Mass and morning Mass. DH enjoyed the experience. They invited him to join them at Easter and again last Christmas. Since then he’s been going to Mass each Sunday to sing with them.

Yesterday as I was preparing to go to the anticipated Sunday Mass (I was reading) he was preparing supper and said, “I wish I had planned to go to Mass this evening – the race is on tomorrow.” Surprised I said, “I thought you were only going to Mass to sing with the choir?” – there’s only a capella singing on Saturdays. His reply, “Hey, sometimes you do something for one reason but then something else happens.” I left the house smiling.


:slight_smile: that made me smile


That’s really wonderful! My husband is a non-Catholic, also, and although he doesn’t have the kind of vocal talent that your husband has, he does support me and the kids in the faith, also. He has helped the parish during major events in the past (our ministry fair, etc.), and we’ve talked about him converting. I’ve learned long ago that nagging him to convert isn’t the way to go.

I hope with God’s grace and will that I can continue to preservere and serve as example and inspiration to him not just to convert, but to once again have a love for Christ like he did in the past.


Sounds to me like the Holy Spirit might be leading in this one. :slight_smile:


oh yeah
time to ramp up the prayers for this one
who knows, this is a perfect time to start preparing for next Easter


We had an older gentleman (I would say he’s at least in his 70’s) who was baptized, received holy communion and was confirmed at Easter in our parish this year. It was truly inspiring to see this man who was so far along in his life finally come to Jesus and His Church! I hope your husband will find that is where God wants him and that you will be able to share your faith for the rest of your lives. :smiley:


Too nifty, Phemie!

My father was a lapsed Catholic for decades. Now, he drives my mother nuts about going to daily Mass.

So- ya never know…


simply amazing.
talk about the coming of the Holy Spirit and the grace of faith.


Good luck (more grace, strictly speaking :D). :wink:


What is that old saying - hang around the barber shop long enough and sooner or later you’ll wind up getting a haricut :smiley:

Prayers that the Holy Spirit will continue to work.


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