I surrender to the far right. I have posted many times on the anti-Catholic, anti-Christian attitude displayed by many who seem to agree with the far right idea that to the winner go the spoils.

Sink or swim, you’re on your own to me it seems to be the prevailing attitude.

To the right they seem to be opposed to any government assistance to the poor. hungry and disabled.

Many times the encyclical that condemns Communism and Socialism is quoted, but the first part of the same encyclical is rarely mentioned. The part that equally condemns laissez faire, unlimited Capitalism.

I am disabled, a stroke victim with a heart condition. I can barely ambulate without assistance. I can not groom, bathe, or dress myself without heavy assistance.

Yet current political reality insists on cutting medicaide and social security dissablillity.

Don’t look for much sympathy here brother. I agree with what you’re saying but many here wont.

Don’t you think that an awful lot of the far right puts their politics of perhaps selfish self-centered ideas ahead of their purported Catholicism?

Ha. Um…

I’m not sure whether to laugh, snort, or scoff. Did I just read that you are accusing the “far right” of the economic problems we are having right now?

I’m sorry, but open your eyes and look around. Who is the President? Who is running this country right now, Rs or Ds?

The reason the economy is in such trouble, the reason social support programs are being defunded and shut down, is because of MASSIVE GOVERNMENT SPENDING. Millions, billions of dollars are spent on innumerable things which are IRRELEVANT to the welfare of this country. If you want to blame someone for your problems, blame the people who are spending the country into the ground.

Part of the trouble is that conservatives believe that it is the individuals responsibility to care for the poor through works of mercy and charity. The liberals feel that it is the governments responsibility to take the money through taxation and care for the poor. I for one believe it is the conservative view that best correlates to the teachings of Jesus. He wanted each person to care for the poor in the best way they know how. This does not necessarily mean monetarily. Liberals want to remove the work of mercy and redistribute wealth which is not charitable but thievery.

I think the people running this country right now are the oil interests, and as a Republican President reminded us the “the military industrial complex”.

Who ever is in office has his thumbs tied by the “oilagarchs” and in the long run does not matter much.

How can you expect anybody to take you seriously when you make statements like this?

Yet current political reality insists on cutting medicaide and social security dissablillity.

Let’s focus instead on current economic reality. We’re burrowing 40 cents of every dollar the feds spend. A six year old understands that can’t go on indefinitely. Will you be better off when the economy collapses under the weight of this profligate spending? That is the question you need to focus on - will you be better off when the current house of cards collapses?

I hope that others don’t surrender to those on the far left. To the left, remember, they are opposed to marriage, to the health of women and to life itself. They attack our children in schools, our authority to raise them and our freedom of religion.

Go ahead. But I will NEVER Surrender.

You may think he has his “thumbs tied,” but if you were paying attention to the things he does daily, you’d be of a different opinion.

I am disabled, a stroke victim with a heart condition. I can barely ambulate without assistance. I can not groom, bathe, or dress myself without heavy assistance.

You are less than you once were. Your present is complicated by events you had no control over. Your life requires effort. If I could offer any thought to create aid I would. I can only say anyone person on this thread is as weak and disabled to aid you as those agenices that are being asked to do what they do. What anyone here can offer is understanding that your situation requires understanding and I would pray that others understand that your thoughts come from a place where many of us have not been and many of us may go.

Why thank you very much Copt.

Let me cut to the chase. I am a former Franciscan TOR and as such I took a vow of poverty.

I know I have not been as charitable as I should have been and for that I appologise. I just do not see the justice of balancing things on the backs of the poor, while the rich have so many tax shelters and advantages and as I see it do not pay their part/responsibility.

Lets try the way of the right, allow people like myself to die from lack of medication and food we cannot afford.

Who will do the tasks that many of the wealthy refuse or think are too good to do. Who will harvest your crops, pick up your trash, clean your bottoms in the nursing homes when the poor have been permitted, perhaps encouraged to die?

I do not have the answers and it puzzles me.

But I still insist that “sink or swim, you’re on your own” is contrary to the message of Our Lord.

But for myself I try to abide by the teachings of Our Lord and St. Francis.

Sorry, but it’s the left who want to ration health care, to encourage ending care in futile cases, to end the lives of children before (or shortly after) they are born.

The left wants to “balance things” on the back of the vulnerable and innocent.

I don’t see any moral authority on the left vs the right. There’s more than enough blame to go around.

On that I agree :slight_smile:

affordable health care act is only going to make things worse for the poor and under insured. It is going to get worse.

It is perfectly acceptable from a moral perspective to take the position that free-market capitalism coupled with intense private charity and expanded social ministry on the part of various religious groups is the best way to address the needs of the poor and sick. It is also perfectly morally acceptable to take the position that the government should do these things.

Socialism as defined by say, the Christian Democratic Party of Germany is perfectly morally acceptable. I don’t subscribe to their worldview, but suffice to say that it is not immoral to be a socialist provided the elements of authoritarianism and anti-Christian, anti-religiosity that pervades communism are absent.

I personally am a fan of the free markets. I’m someone most people would consider “far right.” I find it totally abhorrent when people on “my side” ignore the plight of the poor and toss out simplistic statements like “if we cut non-essential spending, we’d save Social Security and Medicare” because they are not factual.

I honestly believe that expansion of the state has hurt the Church in the West. We have abdicated our responsibilities to help our fellow man. Instead, we as a society all too often say “I pay my taxes, that’s how I give to the poor. They have plenty of programs. I don’t need to do more.” That’s a distorted worldview and our failing to exercise the corporal works of mercy has curtailed our ability to perform the spiritual works of mercy.

The two works go hand in hand. One must open the door to ministering to the spirit by first ministering to the body. People started to listen to Christ’s teachings because they saw His power to cure physical ailments. He opened their hearts by ministering to their bodily needs.

We must do the same. Ideally we’d live in a society where the government’s job would be national defense, maintaining infrastructure and that’s about it, because we as good Christians would step in and pour out our love and our treasure to take care of the bodily and spiritual needs of our fellow men and women. This, however, is a crazy pipe dream that will never happen. So finding some kind of equilibrium is a must.

I would vote for a pro life republican candidate. I support capitalism. I am against waste in the government. I am against undo control of the government over private citizens. I believe that there are many who abuse the system and social services and that we need rules and safeguards in place for those who are on assistance. I believe that an able bodied person should have the goal of being off assistance and I believe that the truly needy and handicapped need to be taken care of better than they are. Especially those who are in the womb and cannot speak. I believe that the rich are demonized for the profit and power gain of those on the progressive side. I believe that most people are stooges for the leftists and have bought into the brainwashing.
I suppose to you I am “far right”
Thank you for surrendering. I am glad we are no longer combatnts in the political battlefields.
Surrendering means that you no longer really believe the lies that have been told to you.
Welcome home.

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