Surrogate Mother?


Can someone please help me?

Someone is asking for opinions about becoming a surrogate mother. I know that this is not what God had in mind. But I’m finding it hard to come up with the words…What would you tell her? Can you give me some Scripture that talks about how only a husband, wife and God shall create life? How about “planting the seed”…putting another mans seed, other than your husband, in your womb?

I’d need help wording why this is wrong…using words of love.


Are you talking surrogate motherhood or artificial insemination from a sperm doner?

It sounds like you’re actually talking about the latter. As I understand it (and I’m no expert!), a surrogate mother has a fertalized embryo (ie, a baby) implanted in her womb. If I’m wrong about that, I’m sure somebody will let me know pretty quick… I just want to make sure we understand the question correctly.


I’m sorry…I’m talking about taking someone’s else baby and carrying it in you womb because the mother can’t.


Please read over:

particurally “Interventions upon Human Procreation”.

Also the book “Theology of the Body for Beginners” by Chritopher West may help your friend.


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