Surrogation, uncles?


Hey everyone. I have to uncles. They are homosexual. They still attend church every sunday but abstain from receiving communion. They were talking about surrogation and about their embryos to my mom. I dont know much about the surrogation process, but it seems fishy to me in a way. Choosing from embryos i mean. Me and my mother are pro life, and my uncles are active catholics. Can you all let me know about the surrogation process? Im a 15 year old so yeaa. I wanted to ask questions, but I get in trouble for butting into conversations haha. Im sure my uncles know about the stance of abortion in the church, but please pray for my uncles. I dont wanna say something, because im afraid I may hurt my uncles. They were talking about “3 healthy embryos” and I dont know how I should feel. I feel like im supposed to say something but I feel scared.


I know what you mean-I’m 14.

What I know about surrogation is that is involves sperm donation. I thought that maybe they implant the embryos in the woman (surrogate’s) womb?

THat’s how I assumed it worked. By what you describe, it sounds more like the embryos are grown in labs. In that case, they might kill the embryos when they choose the one that developes best? In that case, it would be abortion (basically).

If you wanted to know if surrogation was a sin, yes it is. It is not procreation the way God intended it, and I have heard results in much more danger for the embryo.

Anyway, sorry that was sort of inconclusive!


@FCS never thought i would find another teena ger here lol.

I wanna say something, but Im scared too. I know they arent going to listen too me, because their 30. They already have the embryos, but Im worried about what will happen to the ones they dont choose. Their not going to listen to words from a fifteen year old ahah. And I think their trying to hide the fact they are surrogating from me, because they ended the conversation at the moment I came in. But anyways, please pray for my uncles.


Lol-there are some of us!

I understand how you feel-I get really scared/unsure of what to do when a person I know (especially an adult) is doing something really wrong and I feel like I have to correct them.

Anyways, I would say, do you have any older siblings who your mom might talk about this stuff more too?

I will pray for your family and the embryos. :pray:


This sort of explains the process.


Nope-Im the oldest. I would of spoken to my to my mom, but right now she is exhausted, she just came from a business trip. I just dont wanna come off as rude, I wanna correct them, but I cant


True. Maybe if you have dinner with your uncles or family or see them often you can bring up a subject relating to pro-life. You could just maybe talk about the March for Life, if you knew anyone who went to it. Just move the conversation in that direction and you might be able to bring up some of the best arguments for “life begins at conception.”

That’s probably easier said than done, but it would most likely be easier that outright saying to them “that’s abortion”


Yep, definitley easier said than done. My mom wants to keep me away from hearing about abortion or that kinda stuff. But I guess for now I will just pray, and I will try to bring it up to my mom soon when they leave, probably tomorrow, when she has had some rest. @FCS


OK. Does she want you to keep away because she is protective/doesn’t want you to hear about bad things?

But yes, definitely talk to you mom once she is less tired from travel. She might be upset about the whole situation, and that’s why she doesn’t want you involved/isn’t talking about it.

You could also post this in the Prayer Intentions category here on CAF or if you go to a Catholic school write it down in any prayer intentions books (I think most Catholic schools have them?)


@FCS Yea, i think she doesnt want me to be exposed to that. She tries to hide politicwk stuff from me haha. My moms trying to be supportive of my Uncles, but she may be upset about it too I guess. Shes pro life. My uncles seem so happy… but hopefull if I talk to my mom she might be able to get them to have all 3 embryos. Oh and I will post it on prayer intentions!



It would be great if they would have all three kids.


@FCS yea but I heard that the surrogate only wants to carry one, I think my uncles want to keep all though, because they seemed so excited when they announced they had 3 healthy ones. I think its going to be hard for them to have to only choose one… their asking my family which one they should keep. If they ask me eventually, i will say all.


I don’t know how much it would cost to pay three surrogates, but maybe they could do that?

I would suggest to them to keep all as well-maybe help them to think about each embryo as a baby?

If you have a parish priest, maybe you could ask his advice too


@FCS idk, i heard that all eggs came from the same woman, and the cost is extremely high :(( around 50 thousands per month i think


When there are multiple viable embryos it’s usually the case that all of them are implanted in the same surrogate because the chances of successful implantation (even in a natural pregnancy) are slim. This is likely why your uncles are ecstatic about having multiple healthy ones: because the chances of success for the remainder of the process is now heightened.

Also, “healthy embryos” implies the possible existence of “unhealthy embryos”, which will be or likely already have been “terminated”. These were human beings deliberately brought into existence for the selfishness of adults and then deliberately snuffed out of existence. When you’re praying for your uncles make sure to pray for the souls of those dead humans also.


@AlbertDerGrosse thats horrible! I wish i could of stopped my uncles before… my mom was helping them decide whether they should have twins, since apparently thats the most they can have now, I miss heard earlier. She was trying to convince them to have twins.


Ill try, but my moms getting fed up with me being on my ohone so will try to come back later


Again, you should talk to your priest about what the Catholic Church teaches on these subjects.


@FCS will do. Im going to have an intelligent conversation with my mom about this tomorrow. I need to know how she truly feels about the whole situation. It seems like shes trying to be happy for my uncles



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