Surrounding cars in Texas has bad outcomes: protestor shot

Pro tip: don’t surround cars and act threateningly in Texas

Another needless tragedy; more information needed.

For those not willing to pay the NY Times one cent, here is another link not behind a paywall.

The video is useless but the audio is telling. BLM shot first with a rifle. The driver returned fire with a handgun.

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Yeah seems like a solid defensive shoot in my book. Unless some better video comes out I rule the driver gets a free beer somewhere.


Brings to mind a few lines from Beer for my Horses.

This guy was looking for a fight. Unfortunately, he picked a fight with someone who was a better shot than he was.

“Stopped letting us march in the streets”

As he marches in the streets.

He says that shooting at the cops is a bad idea, and that people on the other side are too cowardly to do anything about him, so why did he need the rifle if he did not intend to shoot first?

Eh, he has the same right to march with a rifle as anyone else. But when you’re part of a mob surrounding a car and you approach armed you’re asking to catch acute lead poisoning in my book.


Ever since Reginald Denny, people have learned that a mob surrounding your car is bad news.

He may have the right but as liberals will tell you, you need a better reason than “it’s my right to carry a gun if I feel like it”. So I eagerly await to hear from them what his “better reason” was.

What makes you think they would agree with this? Pretty much everyone I see who could be considered a “liberal” is horrified by these protests and are bawling about how there are limits to free speech, how it should be carried out in accordance with the law, and are invoking heroes of democracy and non-violence like MLK in the hopes that he can convince these protestors to write a letter to their representatives and stay at home.

It’s always fascinating watching the right wing misinformation spread. He didn’t shoot and multiple eyewitnesses say he never even raised his rifle, he was trying to help his fiance who uses a wheelchair.

The murderer is in custody, I imagine his identity hasn’t been released because this was a politically motivated attack and cops always run interference for right wing terrorists.


Those first 5 shots are rifle fire, I am not surprised that you are unable to tell the difference. Our wannabe revolutionary had a rifle.

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Do you think witnesses are lying, or that the media is deliberately misrepresenting things?

lol point one cell phone mic at a shooting and the gun people will come out of the woodwork


I stopped believing the media after they lied about Michael Brown. Witness testimony has its own problems.

“lol” That is a classic beta tell; you are out of your depth.

Help, I’m drownin here out of my depth!

That is a classic beta tell; you are out of your depth.

You’re calling them beta for using the word ‘lol’?

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He has no clue what he is talking about, “lol” just reinforces that. If you want to have a civil conversation about why I think those are rifle shots, feel free to ask.

It’s well-known that alpha males are very passionate about abbreviations.

Alternate video shows the shooter running a red light to drive into the protesters, he’s probably praying for a manslaughter charge at this point.

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Police have confirmed the victim did not fire his rifle.

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