Survey: Catholics and Occult


Have you ever practiced divination that didn’t involve summoning spirits?

Have you ever used necromancy, Ouija boards, or other forms of divination involving spirits?

Have you ever practiced witchcraft?

Have you ever invoked a spirit into yourself?

How do you feel about your decisions?

Are you Catholic/what is your religious affiliation?

Any comments?

Note: I don’t endorse or recommend occult practices. Or plan to ever practice any again.

My answers:





I wish I hadn’t made such decisions and realize that was a bad part of my life



If I recall, you are a teenager.

This sort of thing is dangerous and you should speak to your Priest and your parents.


Yes I am.

This was over a year back and I’m spiritually progressing and I trust that God won’t let me be subject to occult powers anymore. My parents don’t know and I haven’t talked to my priest (yet) but I feel like I have recovered.


You need to publically denounce satan and go to confession asap





@TheLittleLady it is very dangerous, i have spoken to ex-satanist, and others in similar positions, and even they say how terrible and dark these thing are, evil, just pure evil.


@gorshdaddy You can built a poll. It could help you streamline response. Just call me a geek. :wink:

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