Survey Finds Pro-Homosexual Clubs at 96 Catholic Universities in the United States

Survey Finds Pro-Homosexual Clubs at 96 Catholic Universities in the United States

SPRING GROVE, PA, March 27, 2008 ( - Volunteers for the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) found that 45% of the websites of 211 major Catholic universities contained information about pro-homosexual clubs.
“Many of these clubs share in the movement’s radical goal - to force social acceptance of unnatural vice on Christian America, and gag expressions of free speech that oppose the movement’s ideological agenda,” warns an official TFP statement.
The TFP statement cites two concrete examples of Catholic universities suppressing the free speech of critics of the pro-homosexual clubs.
In November 2003, members of the TFP Student Action group were kicked off of campus for handing out flyers detailing the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s teaching on the sinfulness of homosexual activity.


A good start

On the road to ruin perhaps.

Oh give me a break.

Im Irish, and over here we have only 5 Universities apart from the many local colleges and IT’s and higher education institutes.

But out of the 5 Universities, 100% have GLB’s, Maynooth being the last one to have one, the GLB existing since the sixties but only getting recognized in 1997.

dont most high schools have these clubs as well :confused:

i am pretty sure they have homosexual clubs in the high schools here (new england usa)

We dont have them in our schools over here, partly cause our schools are smaller in comparison, partly cause there is more emphasis on sports than on ANY other type of group.

the main reason would be that alot of schools here are under the patronage of the church.
plus the kids who joined the groups would get killed.

I don’t think so. There are 23,000 high schools in the US,9171,884472,00.html
and only 3500 Gay-Straight Alliance clubs.
Of course, there could be pro-gay high school groups which are not part of GSA.

Consider signing this urgent appeal to the presidents of these 96 Catholic colleges.

Maybe some good will result.

Sign here

Yes it is. The term “pro-homosexual” misrepresents the discussion. That assumes that “anti-homosexual” is the preferred position to take, which means looking at them at a minimum of a lesser person.

These groups lead in accepting of their lifestyle in relation to each person’s overall being. They are a jewel for any campus to have in education by seeing each GLBT student as just another student and not some lesser person based on stereotypes.

Having these clubs also follows the USCCB guidelines for treating them with respect, to suppress these clubs would be taking away respect for the GLBT students.

Nothing good will come out of it by forcing these students deep into the closet and trying to imagine that they do not exist.

I completely disagree with you. GLBT clubs are for promoting their lifestyle and **recruiting **more students into the lifestyle. I have seen their materials.

A Catholic University is supposed to be Catholic. When a parent spends over $100,000 to send their child to a Catholic University, the option shouldn’t be available to join a homosexual social club. A Catholic University campus should be a safe place for the moral development of teenagers and young adults.

Homosexuals should find something other than their sexual practices to get together about. Maybe chess? Or football? Or taking food to the homeless.

If we follow a certain line of reasoning which justifies “Gay-Straight Alliance” clubs, then there would be no reason to reject clubs for people who suffer from other temptations.

Thus you could imagine clubs with any such combination:

Pedophilia-Straight Alliance
Kleptomania-Honesty Alliance
Bestiality-Straight Alliance
Porn-Straight Alliance

The pitfall is this: we must not define people by their inclination or temptation to sin.

well thats going abit far! Homosexuality isnt illegal and the rest of those are, plus homosexual relationships are generally consensual and while they may not realise the full extent of their actions they arent raping children, stealing etc!

I can confirm this observation. The thrust behind these GLBT… clubs is to recruit activists for the homosexual movement.

Since there is no correlation between the examples, there is nothing to worry about. :shrug:

Recruiting to their lifestyle? :shrug: I have yet to see that. Accepting them as who they are is what I see. The option should be there, all campus clubs are optional, not mandatory. Otherwise they are being looked upon as lesser people.

If by that you mean getting people to become tolerant of homosexuals, yeah it is, and it’s working!

Homosexual acts are unnatural. From a moral standpoint, there is little difference between them and say bestiality, even though one may be legal, the other illegal.

For example, abortion is legal, but not moral. Just because a law permits certain moral aberrations, doesn’t make them licit or morally acceptable.

How are homosexual acts unnatural, they occur in nature!

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