Survey: Fla. Teens Believe Drinking Bleach Will Prevent HIV [The harm of abstinence-only sex ed?]


Thanks to abstinence-only sex ed, Florida teens think that drinking bleach will prevent HIV. They also believe that Mountain Dew and pot are good contraceptives.

The results are interesting to say the least, and add to the pile of evidence that abstinence-only education doesn’t work.

Yeah Right. :rolleyes: They got those ideas from the program. :cool: The only way those thing were being taught is if someone was purposely trying to discredit the program.

More likely, it is the lawmakers who are opposed to the program trying to grasp at straws to get their perverted liberal agenda rammed down people’s throat.

Relativism (especially moral relativism) is a drag on the society that will eventually cause society to implode if we do not stop them.

Those myths are not spread by abstinence educators.

Abstinence IS effective if taught early and in a respective manner that is easy to understand for the appropriate age group.

Jason Evert gives a chastity talk that is changed just a bit so it can be used at Public high schools and there’s no mention of drugs or bleach or mountain dew.( I’ve listened to the sample on

[quote=article]A recent survey that found some Florida teens believe drinking a cap of bleach will prevent HIV and a shot of Mountain Dew will stop pregnancy

I hope we hear more about this survey, specifically about the numbers of teens who believe such things. I am a bit skeptical when it comes to answers given by teens on surveys - boredom and a desire to stir things up sometimes plays a role in the answers submitted.

I wonder if the answers about Mountain Dew and about bleach were submitted by a couple mischievous teens, or if such beliefs truly have currency.

There was an episode of Family Guy that made fun of abstinence-based sex ed. Several silly “myths” were taught by the teacher. The result of the class was that many of the kids started having “ear sex.”

Of course, Lois Griffin busted up the whole thing and made it OK for kids to have sex again.

Is it possible that the myths that are being circulated about abstinence-based sex ed have never really been taught in legitimate abstinence-based curricula, but were started on fiction shows like Family Guy and other teen shows on cable networks, and then propagated by the media in such a way that people like me who don’t watch a lot of TV think that these things are really being taught?

I hope that sentence made sense! Basically, what I’m saying is, “Don’t believe everything the secular media tells you!” Get the curriculum and read it yourself.

It can be, it cannot be. It depends on the student. Some students will nod their heads through the program, but the time comes when they would make the choice to have sex. Many them are clueless about the reduced risks of pregnancies and STDs via condoms. If they are going to rebel some time after the class, they should be equipped with the knowledge on how to minimize the effects of a bad judgment and not be subject to it the rest of their lives.

Abstinence education teaches that abstinence is the only way to prevent pregnancy and std’s 100% of the time. (this includes oral sex, etc) Condoms can control pregnancy and std’s…but not prevent them. Of course, we are not speaking of if someone is raped, etc…but making the choice to abstain from having sex will save a life every time. If teenagers are drinking bleach to prevent HIV, they obviously didn’t attend any sex ed classes recently.

It’s interesting what people will do nowadays to get into the news.

Its what happens when the liberal agenda replaces facts. News becomes fiction.

I hear ya. I wonder why the liberal media/culture is so eager for kids to be having sex. Like…why?:confused:

It’s really sick, when you think about it.

You don’t teach your kids to add and subtract because you’re eager for them to be working a cash register at K-mart to pay for kindergarten, do you? There’s a distinct difference between preparation for later and encouragement to dive in.

Reminds me of a program I heard on the radio here a few years ago. The government sent some people to investigate safe-sex practices in remote Aboriginal communites. The Aboriginal boys told this woman that they couldn’t get condoms so they used Cherry Ripe (a candy bar) wrappers instead. She kept going on and on about how condoms need to be supplied to them because they are using Cherry Ripe wrappers, never once twigging that she had been bamboozled.

I can remember telling people some very outrageous things as a teenager, just to see how much wool I could pull over their eyes, and laughing at them afterwards when they believed me.

I think the same thing is going on here.

They obviously also didn’t attend any class ever that would’ve taught them the meaning of the words ‘POISON - DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY’. Those words would be written on every bleach bottle out there :shrug:

That is the public education system for you. Reading and comprehension is optional and discouraged :cool:


The culture we live in shows kids at younger and younger ages in tv movies, theater movies, sit coms, etc…having sex. The school want to teach kids how to protect themselves–meanwhile, condoms don’t work all of the time–so teaching a kid to use a fallible sheath of rubber to protect them from potentially hundreds of std’s out there, is really a lie. So we prepare kids for life by teaching them to use condoms??? :confused:

Right. I agree. Something is weird about this story, in general.

I would say it’s an April Fool’s joke, but uhh. it’s not april fool’s day.

Yeah, because working at K-Mart is the only reason anyone would ever need to know how to do math. :rolleyes:

No, we prepare them for something that comes along with life by teaching them how to use their faculties responsibly without necessarily kowtowing to every moralizer who comes down the block, teaching them accurate facts about options, failure rates, and side effects, and allowing them the freedom to choose their path without artificially restricting their knowledge of what that path may be.

Now, sure, you’ll have your dumb kids, but – you’d have had them your way too. Remember the whole ‘get high off smoking banana peels’ thing? How easily could that have been stopped before it started if children were accurately educated about substances, without the scare tactics commonly used, and with an eye toward keeping urban legends legendary! Same principle here, except it’s bleach.

[quote=Rand Al’Thor]Yeah, because working at K-Mart is the only reason anyone would ever need to know how to do math. :rolleyes:

The metaphor wasn’t that deep, but I see it won’t stop people from digging anyway.

should we prepare kids in the event they choose to drink or take drugs? Just tell them…maybe…well, it’s ok to drink, but don’t drive…it’s ok to do drugs, just make sure you know where they came from, or that you can trust the source. My kids and I have some pretty deep conversations about life, about sex, about condoms, about whatever they wish to chat about–but I tell them the truth about it…that condoms will fail, and that if you choose to use them someday…it is your choice, but there are consequences to everything we do…etc. So, yes, my kids know of condoms, and all kinds of lifestyles, because I want them to be familiar with what the world is about. It’s not about morality, sadly…so, to be moral in a world that isn’t is tough. But, teachers should not be teaching my kids how to put a condom on…gross. It’s not their place…and really, it’s not rocket science.:rolleyes: :wink:

That being said–why do we have a double standard with kids when it comes to sex? Why don’t we tell kids it is ok to drink and do drugs, as long as you are safe about it? Imagine telling kids that?

I am of the opinion that if a teen doesn’t realize that drinking bleach could be fatal–he/she really might have a struggle learning about the proper use and application of condoms.:bigyikes:

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