Surviving Tragedy


This week will mark the one year anniversary of the horrific I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis.

13 souls departed the earth-- Mothers, Fathers, and Children.

Lives were crushed out, and families torn asunder. Heros emerged and many lives were rescued.

One year later, those who escaped death still feel daily pain, suffer survivor’s guilt, and experience nightmares.

This tragedy is relevant to family life, because it shows how small most of our daily challenges really are.

Compare a disobedient child with a child lost forever, or a husband who is emotionally distant with a husband now a crippled shell.

Rather than complain about relatively small things, we might give thanks for whole and healthy friends and relatives, even in their considerable imperfection.

Tragedy should remind us of the many wonderful gifts, that we often take for granted, and how we ought be thankful for the lives we live.

Many others are not nearly so fortunate.


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