Survivor China

So i watched this tonight and I was wondering what the correct thing would be for a Catholic in the situation at the beginning when they all had to go into the Buddhist temple and light the candles and bow or whatever they were doing?

I have only been a Catholic formally for about 2 years but my instincts would tell me not to participate.

Anyone know?

Also, I was bummed they voted out the one they did… (avoiding spoilers:) ). I hate when the lazy tribe members target the ones that try to get something done.

I watched it. If it were me, I would have stood in the back or outside. They would have had to deal with it. As far as who they voted out…he was the oldest and a threat.


It made me think that didnt the Pope pray inside a masque?

Maybe, but at least a Mosque is about our same God (even though many of their other doctrines differ, they worship the same God as Christians and Jews) – not Buddha. I think it is much different.

I dont see how it is.

Being a Catholic it is greatly looked down upon going into a Protestant Church and having communion there. Same God, Body of Jesus… same basics. But we all know we can not have communion in a non Catholic Church

So the “same God” isnt that simple

I don’t know what I would have thought had I been in that situation. They explicitly said that it wasn’t a worship ceremony, and in the culture bowing is how you great someone. But I can see how it would have been uncomfortable. It seemed kind of like she made this big deal of leaving, but that may have just been how the edited it. I think standing in the back and watching, but not really participating would have been appropriate.

As for who they voted out, those first votes are always kind of random. I can understand picking him, he is one of the oldest, which can be a liabilty. And what someone, PG maybe(?), about him having knowledge and not using it was true. I can see that being frustrating. And she asked him over and over again. :shrug:

I wasn’t talking about communion – just praying.

First part: Ahh, Okay – I did not catch that part about it NOT being a worship ceremony (my toddler was babbling away during that part) :slight_smile:

Second part: Yes, I think he reacted too over-sensitively. He had in fact at first offered his knowledge and advice, and as it usually happens, everyone got all bent out of shape about it and thought he was trying to be bossy so he decided to keep his mouth shut. (I hate when they do that by the way – it is always that way in these shows, any time someone offers knowledge or tries to get stuff done, people resent it and accuse them of being “the Man” or something – damned if you do damned if you dont.)

I think she did what was best for her.

I understand what she did. Makes me like her for standing up for her beliefs. I personally would have participated in the ceramony, but I don’t hold it against her that she didn’t. I came in late, ds had conferances last night. I only caught the tale-end of the Buddist ceramony.

I hated seeing the person who left, go, but he set himself up. He could have been more forgiving and let the little things go. PG tried getting his opinion a few times, but he was too “sore” to answer. I wouldn’t want that kind of negativity right off the bat. I’d probably vote him out too. Well, him or Ashley. She buggs me.

I like the other team better. Great teamwork on their part.

How bad does it suck that most of the women are stuck out there in high heels?! Oh man. Makes me think that I’d make sure to wear a bathing suit under my dress clothes, and flat shoes on the first night :rofl: You’d think the cast-aways would learn.


Survivor China–I had an image of people marching around carrying signs protesting Chinese human rights violations and trying not to be the person voted off of Tienanmen Square.

There is no transubstantiation in a Protestant service.

You missed the point.

I was refering to a poster that said that the Pope praying in a Mosque is ok cause its the same God. And I was pointing out that generalities doesnt mean its the same

I thought we were talking SURVIVOR here? :confused:

As a Catholic, you can go into other religion’s places of worship occassionally, such as if you’re invited on a special occasion or for a wedding ceremony. You can even go there if you just want to see the building (for example, you go see the Blue Mosque in Constantinople, because of it is a famous piece of architecture).

My understanding is, as long as the Pope wasn’t actively participating in Muslim prayers / prayer service or co-celebrating with an Islamic Imam at a strictly Islamic prayer / worship service (like at their Friday prayer service), it was fine with Church teaching with him visiting the mosque (I am sure he was invited, if you’re the Pope you probably just don’t show up at the front door when the service is about to start) on invitation, and yes, even praying inside it (you can pray to God anywhere);

What he couldn’t do is pray to Allah with the Muslims at their worship service / or co-celebrate at a Muslim worship service.

Thank you for the reminder.
Please, everyone, this thread is for discussing the CBS show “Survivor: China”.

The first vote or two is always the hardest. You can’t stand out from the group too much or you will get voted off. But if you don’t stand out just a little bit, then you will get voted off because no one knows you. It is such a fine line to walk!

Ya, I’ve never figured that out either! Haven’t these people seen the show before, they always end up dumping them without anything now! I’d be wearing my “camping” clothes from the moment I got off the plane. :smiley:

My wife and I were wondering about that too.

They must do something to trick them to keep them from dressing for outdoor survival-- like go out for dinner or something – yea, 'cause they always seem unprepared.

An interesting question about the decision of the Christian contestant to bow out (no pun intended!) of the welcoming ceremony. Especially since Buddhists (correct me if I’m wrong) do not believe in God. Yet Buddhism is known as one of the world’s major “religions.” It sure looked to me like that succession of bowing in the temple was no mere “welcoming” ceremony but in fact, an act of idolation to their founder of “enlightenment.” Afterall, just who were they bowing to?
I do believe the woman was not comfortable in participating and I applaud her decision.
I had to laugh at that blonde waitress rolling her eyes and had to be prodded to get with the program . And what was with that arrogant attitude about her fellow survivors not the kind of folks she hung out with? What did she think she was getting into? Had she seen the show before?!

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