Survivor tells how Isis gunmen killed scores of defenceless villagers

From the Belfast Telegraph


Islamic State fighters surrounded the nearby village 12 days ago and demanded that its Yazidi residents convert or die. On Friday afternoon, they moved in.

The militants told people to gather in a school, promising they would be allowed to leave Kocho after their details were recorded, said an eyewitness and the brother of the Kocho mayor, Nayef Jassem.

The militants separated the men from the women and children under 12. They took men and male teens away in groups of a few dozen each and shot them on the edge of the village, according to a wounded man who escaped by feigning death.

The fighters then walked among the bodies, using pistols to finish off anyone who appeared to still be alive, the 42-year-old man said from an area where he was hiding.

"They thought we were dead, and when they went away, we ran away.

From the International Business Times:

As ISIS continues to take over more towns in Iraq, at least 500 women believed to be Christians were allegedly kidnapped from Mosul to be sold as “sex slaves.” Reports said the Islamic militants have overrun Qaraqosh, Iraq’s largest Christian city. Believers have reportedly flocked to the city to escape the militants.

A spokesman from the Kurdish forces said ISIS has kidnapped Yazidi and Christian women to be turned as “Sabaya” or “war booty slaves.” He added that ISIS also plans to sell the women. According to accounts of witnesses, the most beautiful of the kidnapped women were handed to “ISIS princes.”

In a report by CNN, Qaraqosh is about 20 miles from southeast Mosul with a population of 50,000. Since ISIS has invaded the city, members of the Christian community have fled like the people of Mosul.

In other reports caught on video, an eyewitness tells of girls jumping to their deaths after they were raped by Islamic militants. A woman said three of her daughters were raped then allowed to return to Mount Shingal. She told media that her daughters urged people to “kill” them but no one had responded. They committed suicide instead.

it is enough to make one throw up. where is the Muslim outcry?

This is horrible why isnt anyone taking up against muslims? If a christian or jew or any other religion did this there would be an outcry its the christian holocaust those poor girls killing themselves out of sorrow womenmen and children executed just awful i wont be sleeping tonight.:frowning:

I haven’t heard any.

How about from women’s rights groups? Or the left in general? They don’t seem to support air strikes much from what I have seen.

Islam or even those who take this extreme interpretation of it, get all kinds of free passes.

Just look at how empty this thread is of liberals. But if I started criticizing Islam on here, we’d hearing about "yeah, well, I work with Muslims (not that I actually KNOW any of them) or “I made eye contact them in London and smiled”. :rolleyes:

Just imagine if the TEA PARTY did this.

It’d make Ferguson look like the petting zoo. :shrug:

The silence from the left is deafening.

Diversity is a core value.

As long as that diversity doesn’t favor Christianity.

As long as that diversity doesn’t impact homosexuals.

For example, where was the outcry for this a few months ago:

Boy for Supporting Anti-Brotherhood Revolution

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