Survivors of coronavirus banned from joining the military


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This will be temporary I’m sure. Just until we understand the virus more.


One would hope so. But the phrase “eventual permanent disqualification” doesn’t help that hope much.

Just means it’s non-waiverable at this time. There are lots of medical conditions that can disqualify you from joining, but the applicant can ask that it be waived in their case. Sometimes the military will grant the waiver after review, sometimes not. Some conditions, on the other hand, are per se non-waiverable. It’s a hard no.

Sounds like as of right now, Covid is a hard no. But I bet that changes in the next year as we develop a vaccine and learn more about it. Just my guess.


If this stays in place and we are aiming for a 75% infected & recovered rate, we will end up with no military. Hopefully it will be re-thought and soon.


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Sent a note to the monitors

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from your link

Recruits can apply for waivers for all permanently disqualifying conditions, including surviving COVID-19. However, without any further guidance for exceptions dealing with COVID-19, a review authority would have no justification to grant a waiver.

Maxwell declined to explain why a coronavirus diagnosis would be permanently disqualifying, compared to other viral, non-chronic illnesses that do not preclude military service.

However, given the limited research on COVID-19, there are likely a few factors that military medical professionals are trying to hash out when it comes to recruiting survivors: Whether respiratory damage from the virus is long-lasting or permanent, and whether that can be assessed; the likelihood of recurring flare-ups, even if someone has had two consecutive negative tests; and the possibility that one bout of COVID-19 might not provide full immunity for the future, and could potentially leave someone at a higher risk to contract it again, perhaps with worse complications.

That is where robot soldiers will be beneficial - once they are developed and approved.

Well, perhaps it will lead to world peace? Look on the bright side!

Sadly, I don’t see that happening.

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