Susan G Komen and Breast Cancer Month

Hey guys,

That time is upon us, breast cancer awareness month, and I need some updated advice on how we can best participate in festivities while keeping our consciences clear.

In the past Susan G Komen has given money to planned parenthood for “breast screenings” which of course frees up funds and advertisesfor their main event if abortion.

They also support embryonic stem cell research and deny the abortion breast cancer link.

My union in partnership with the city I work for, does a breast cancer awareness campaign at work every year. We sell pink t shirts and wear them at work and donate the money.

Last year, myself and a fellow Christian convinced them to not donate to Susan G but instead donate to a less controversial organization.

As such we participated along with everyone else and had a nice moral campaign without worrying about funding abortion.

Well, my friend is working on his masters in seminary ( Nazarene) and was to busy for the “union charity committee” and I was never officially on it and had no reason to think they would choose to return to Susan G Komen.

So alas , yesterday I got an email we will be selling and wearing hats for all of October to support Susan G Komen.

I was very disappointed, but am not sure how to proceed. Should I simply not participate, or should I send an email to the organizers explaining why I cannot support this year 'a campaign?

Should I go out of my way to tell people why I am not supporting the campaign, or wait for people to ask where my hat is?

I manage our facebook page, should I decline to put advertisements and photos for the campaign up (someone else could do it).

Regardless, please pray as I will likely be the only one holding such a position.

Do you have a hat for the “less controversial organization” you could wear instead? and is it a different color than the one for Komen?

That’s sure to get someone asking why you’re “out of uniform”… and giving you the opportunity to point out your support for breast cancer awareness and your non-support for Komen for all the reasons you mentioned above.

In past years we have done uniform pins and t shirts, so perhaps I can incorporate that somehow. Good idea!

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