Susan Komen paraphernalia

My mom died of breast cancer 2 years ago. My sister found these pink Susan Komen ribbons on a post that you’re supposed to display in your yard, garden, etc… I’ve had it in my yard for a year, but now I’ve seen that that organization is a contributor to Planned Parenthood. Should I take it out of my yard? Should I tell my sisters to do the same? I want to promote breast cancer awareness, but I DO NOT want to promote Planned Parenthood. What should I do?

Technically it’s not your responsibility what someone does with your support or your money. Your intent is to save lives and to help cure a disease. It is not your fault or on you if that organization takes the money and puts it toward immoral things. You are responsible for your own actions not those of another. You would be wrong if you gave to the organization and considered it a bonus that your funds would also go to helping fund abortions or other immoral things.

However, you should pray about it. Although it’s technically not your responsibility God may be calling you to help or volunteer in a different way. There are certainly other cancer research projects or events that might not be so controversial that you can help with.

As far as your friends and family. I would be sure that they were aware of what the organization does with some of it’s money. They should make their own decisions, but they do deserve to know the truth. If you are choosing to not do anything for this organization you may mention that to, because this may inspire others also.

My wife and I have decided to no longer participate in “For the Cure” events because of this. My grandma and grandpa died of cancer and I assume they are in heaven and would understand fully the reasons for us not supporting this. We’ll help in other ways. We just avoid businesses that we know are involved in controversial practices.

I also encourage you to see out the facts before avoiding a business. Sometimes they are just rumors and there is no sense of hurting a place that isn’t doing anything wrong.

IMHO I suggest that you would get rid of the Susan K ribbons. My mother died of breast cancer too but I cannot support that organization. That foundation also contributes to research that uses embryonic stem cells (so there is another reason not to support it in addition to its donations to PP). There are many other ways to help with cancer awareness and prevention.


In all fairness to the Komen foundation, they do not currently directly contribute to research that uses embryonic stem cells. According to, some of their grants are to organizations (Johns Hopkins, US National Cancer Institute, Univ of Kansas, Yale) that also do research that may involve embryonic stem cells. In the same way Komen does not directly fund abortions but some of their grants for breast cancer health are given to organizations that also do abortions (Planned Parenthood).

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