Susan Rice Has No Regrets On Benghazi Remarks


The most interesting comments was the last paragraph where she said:

“That information turned out, in some respects, not to be 100 percent correct,” she acknowledged. “But the notion that somehow I or anybody else in the administration misled the American people is patently false. And I think that that’s been amply demonstrated.”

That is not true. Its part of Senate records that at least Leon Panetta knew it was a coordinated Terrorist attack and went to inform the President of this.

Personally speaking I can’t see how Panetta doesn’t tell Pres. Obama about this.


I, too, heard this and in charity see that she missed a word. After all, taking her own statement apart, passing on misinformation is misleading people. That whole statement didn’t make any sense on its own.

I believe that she tripped over or missed a very important word: “intentionally.” She should have said, “…that somehow I or anybody else in the administration intentionally misled the American people…”

But at this point, any clarification statement is going to make it look worse.


You seem surprised by the fact that members of our current regime lied… >_>

You know, I’d be significantly more understanding of all of this if they’d just come out and say “Yes, we knew it was an attack, and we made a mistake when we chose to hide that.” It’d be nice to see at least one act of humility under this presidency…


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