Susan Werner - "The Gospel Truth"

My wife’s a big folk fan and I accompanied her to a Summerfest concert last night that featured a folk artist named Susan Werner. Her latest CD is entitled “The Gospel Truth” and she sang several songs from it. This concept CD is filled with biblical and scriptural references as well as her own musings on both the good and bad of religion in general. She’s clearly a progressive liberal in her thought and on one song she rails at the Catholic church for not allowing women to become priests. She’s a self-professed ex-Catholic who grew up in a large and devout family. She left the Church due to her perceived flaws in the Church (only one of which is the lack of woman priests). She also takes on fundamentalism in general. The record is a sincere though misguided attempt at examining religion, warts and all. I give her credit for searching but her misinformed ideas on the Catholic church in general are disappointing and unhelpful. Has anyone else either seen her in concert or listened to her latest CD and if so, what do you think?

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