Suspect detained over 'extremist' bumper sticker

A Louisiana driver has been stopped and detained for having a “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper sticker on his vehicle and warned by a police officer about the “subversive” message it sent, according to the driver’s relative. The situation developed in the small town of Ball, La., where a receptionist at the police department told WND she knew nothing about the traffic stop, during which the “suspect” was investigated for “extremist” activities, the relative said.

The report cites individuals who sport certain bumper stickers on their vehicles as suspect, and it was delivered to tens of thousands of local law enforcement officers across the nation

I don’t see how “Don’t Tread on Me” is a reason to detain somebody. Kinda a waste of tax payer $$$ aint it?

already got a thread going on it:

but good job anyways. people need to see the truth about what the government is trying to do.

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