Suspect fresh from jail kills elderly couple, rapes child

Disgusting. Some people do not belong out of prison.

What a sad tragedy. The article noted he’s been “in and out” of jail for YEARS.
Let’s hope he stays there for life.

Let’s hope he stays there until he’s executed.

He’s long overdue for the needle. Just sayin’


Yep, fry him up.

No, let’s hope that he is not executed and that instead he stays in prison for the rest of his life. Let’s also hope that he repents so he may someday make it to Heaven. Of course we should desire justice but Catholics are mostly against the death penalty.

I hope he stays in prison all of his miserable worthless life. :mad:

The problem with the death penalty is that it does not allow the person a chance to repent. They are just killed off suddenly and their souls are most likely in danger.

I do not think these people should be let of out prison. But killing them is not the answer. I think we need to work toward making prisons self-sufficient so they do not cost the taxpayers money. And then use the prisoners to study mental illness… why do they kill or rape people? I think the studies could give us insight on how to prevent future murder/rape cases from happening.

The death penalty was used in the old days because there were no high-security prison systems. People would murder and there was nowhere to keep them. Especially in nomadic groups. Let them free and they’d do it again. So it saved more lives than it took to use the death penalty.

How does a prisoner not have time to repent before he’s executed? On the contrary, he is faced with a deadline for repentance. Rather than sit around for an indeterminate number of years and decades in his arrogance and harden his heart further, he is faced with the true gravity of his crimes and with his own mortality. Besides, in certain extreme cases the public good demands execution because merely imprisoning a person is not sufficient to protect citizens from a criminal, or because the crime is so heinous that anything less would be unjust.

Should have ended his life before he took two others and possibly ruined another before it even started. Poor excuse for human.

That is a good point, they have plenty of time to get things right and repent knowing their death is coming. That’s more than what most get who have no idea when they are going to die. If they don’t repent on death row knowing their death is coming, they will never repent period even if they lived a hundred more years.

Can’t pretend I care if he goes to Heaven or not. It’s not like the system is very expeditious in dispatching these cretins anyway. He’ll have time to repent, although I’m not sure there is enough “sorry” in the world to save this animal.

The measure with which you measure will be measured back to you.

No problem. I don’t plan to kill anyone in cold blood or rape a child in my lifetime.

Oh no. Those poor innocent people. How sad.

Which is why that criminal should get a LOT worse than what he’s getting. :mad:

If it was up to me, as soon as it is proven that his DNA is inside the girl, he would be executed before sundown. And yes, I would do it if necessary, but I think I’d have to take a ticket. :frowning: Rob
BTW, Note that it is our insane “liberal” penal system which let this monster out! Our injudicious voting allows these things to happen. :eek:

It does if they have a priest available for confession, and people are usually on death row for a long time before actually getting executed. I’m not saying that I’m for the death penalty. But because of extremely dangerous murderers and the fact that they sometimes get out from jail or prison, I’m not strongly against it either.

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