Suspect in Elizabeth Smart case found competent for trial

Brian David Mitchell, the man charged with snatching Elizabeth Smart nearly eight years ago, could finally face a jury after a federal judge ruled Monday that Mitchell was faking mental illness and is competent to stand trial. (I highly recommend watching this video; quality interview with Ed Smart, father of Elizabeth)

Also, do you know about Elizabeth’s beautiful spirituality and strong faith in God?

I am very impressed and inspired by the attitude and progress of Elizabeth Smart. She emphasizes that she is looking forward, rather than back at the past, and she finds her strength in a loving God and in her family. Right now she is in France serving on a missions trip with her church.

See her in a touching interview about her faith and the missions trip:

It is her faith in God that has helped her through the situation. Elizabeth says, **“I know that there is a God and that he loves us, and that no matter what people can take from you or do to you or harm you, that they can’t take that away from you.” **It’s a message that she’s excited to share with the people of France. "I want them to know that God exists and that he loves them, and there isn’t anything is this world that could possibly change what he feels for them, and that they’ll never be alone. He wants them to be happy.

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