Suspect killed after several people stabbed at St. Cloud mall


A suspect who stabbed several people at a St. Cloud shopping mall Saturday night is dead, according to St. Cloud police.

Officers responded to a report of several stabbings at Crossroads Center mall about 8:15 p.m.


At least 8 people stabbed


praying for all involved…


Minnesota mall attacker referenced Allah before stabbing rampage, police chief says


The attacker is believed to be a Somali, which given the area is not surprising


Imagine that, mass violence at a gun free zone - again.


AP: IS-linked media claims Minnesota mall stabber was ‘soldier of the Islamic State.’


I wonder if we should ban “assault knives”?


Done with a knife, not a gun?


I think his point, if he doesn’t mind me assuming, was that if other people had been armed they could have stopped him earlier.


Prying for the deceased & injured.


FBI says it is investigating Minnesota mall stabbing attack as a “potential act of terrorism”


Fortunately, the cop who shot him had a gun and knew how to use it to preserve the lives of the innocent, including himself. According to the press conference, the attacker made three attempts to kill the cop before the fatal shot took him out.

Statistically this will be used as a case of a black man killed by a cop. There will be no mention that it was just and necessary by the BLM folks.


From the limited descriptions available, it was a nastier event than one might think.

The off-duty cop nearly became a victim.

[Does the mall have a “gun free zone” sign?]


thankfully, he was at the right place and at the right time. I wonder what happened to this young man. supposedly, he was only going to mall to pick up new phone.


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