Suspected Church Robber Foiled by Falling Pants, Deputies Say


**It’s a miracle! Declare a feast day! **

*“To steal from Church thou shan’t and cans’t … to jail ye’ll go … but first be pantsed!”

-- Due-to-enemy 4:1*

A part of the human mind never outgrows third grade “underpants” humor. :nope:


Where’s the camera when you need it!! Would love to have seen this one.:D:D

Pervert!!! (Just kidding) :wink:

That’s a funny story.

I love stupid criminals! Like the ones on Cops a few years back who mugged someone and then ran off into the darkness – with the lights on their shoes blinking brightly :smiley:

This is why the Church has always taught semper ubi sub ubi.

Had to look it up, but . . .


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