Suspended priest excommunicated for still saying Mass, teaching against pope

Here is the same article from a different Catholic website because the Detroit Catholic article is behind a subscriber paywall.

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It is? That’s weird. I don’t have a subscription. Maybe cause it can tell I’m from the area? In any case thanks for letting me know! :slightly_smiling_face:

I can read it without a problem too. And I’m certainly not from the area.

What a terribly tragic, and entirely unnecessary situation. I don’t know what this priest is trying to prove, but there is no way this was the best idea he could come up with.

I wonder if the Philly one will be blocked outside Philly area. However, I’m pretty sure I’ve accessed it from elsewhere in the country without getting a block screen.

On the Detroit site I was repeatedly getting an “Enter your e-mail to subscribe” box blurring out all the text and no way for me to close it.

Nope no problem here. I can see it entirely.

I feel sorry for the Bishop. It is a hard thing to discipline someone, even when he leaves you no choice.

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That’s weird. I get that message sometimes but I can close it.

This priest sounds very misguided.

Prayers for him and for those who associate with him in his schismatic acts.

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Um, is it safe to say that Father Leatherby is a sedevacantist?

No. Sedes believe we haven’t had a true Pope since Pope Pius XII died (or in some cases, since Pope John XXIII died). They don’t recognize Pope Benedict XVI.

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This just got more interesting.

There is a second thread somewhere on the forum about this priest and Fr. Inthepew posted a long letter the priest wrote about his past situation where he apparently crossed boundaries with a woman, and this new video that came out. Apparently he knew the video was going to be made public. It’s just sad.

It is sad. Perhaps ‘interesting’ was a poor choice of words. My bad.

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