Suspense Grows Over Conclave Date

I want them to take their time.

I agree. I hope there is a pope by Holy Week though. If there isn’t, would someone else do the services?

Interesting question. The Cardinals would still be locked up in Conclave…which means the job would probably fall either to the most senior Cardinal over the age of 80 (Sodano?) or the most senior Bishop.

It doesn’t seem like they really have much intent of making even the potential start of the 11th. Maybe the 13th or 15th?


I really think we should have a new Pope for Holy Week. If all the Cardinals are locked up, who is going to do the most important parts of Holy Week services/Masses? There’s Passion/Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday (HUGE) and Good Friday (Passion Reading AND Stations of the Cross held at the Coliseum). Then there’s Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

I don’t want them to rush…but I don’t want them to take 30 days either!

Good grief, Holy Week is 2 1/2 weeks away. There is plenty of time. Pope Benedict was elected the day after that conclave began.

Quoting from two of the Cardinals from this article:

"I think the Curia in general, beyond whatever emerges from Vatileaks, needs to be revolutionised. And as well as the word reform, there must be a second: transparency. The Curia must begin to open up, and not fear transparency," Kasper said.

This is time for a long reflection. This conclave needs to be prepared calmly. There is no hurry," Kasper said

And, “I’m not saying Vatileaks will be a determining factor but I do want to know all pertinent aspects,” said US Cardinal Sean O’Malley. "We have to take all the time we need."

So it seems that there may be a need to investigate the implications of a Curia that may be problematic before deciding on a new Pope.

God’s wisdom & peace

Oh I dont want them to take long either, but I accept that it’s moreimportant that they take as much time needed to select the right man. This conclave just seems so critical. And if that means a lot of time, so be it. God will work out Holy Week. Maybe no Pope that week would help make us all a lot more prayerful.

Until the new pontiff is elected, the camerlengo is in charge of the all administrative duties of the Catholic Church. This does not mean he would take charge of Holy Week (though he could) only that he will decide who would best perform Holy Week duties at the Vatican.

The same thing will be happening over the world as the various auxiliary bishops or priests who are in a similar position as the camerlengo at a diocesan level take over liturgies in the diocese vacated by bishops in conclave.

It is really no big challenge.

Press briefing from Rome today says there is no date yet for the Conclave #ewtnfromrome

I am anxious too, but as someone pointed out, they’ve got a lot to talk aobut. If they are hashing out the problems in the bureaucracy in Rome, and rooting out the deep dark problems I’m all for the extensive meetings. Whoever comes next as Pope needs to root out the corruption and sex scandal and clean house. That has to be made clear.

A link from EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo on a report about over 20 moles inside the Vatican (as related to Vatileaks).

If even some of this is true, there is a great deal of corruption in the Curia. I hope the cardinals take all the time they need in discerning who is best to be elected and take care of the most pressing issues that faces the Church today.

This kind of corruption erodes credibility of the moral authority that Bride of Christ is suppose to have.

I don’t think that it’s fair to say that there is a great deal of corruption in the Curia, based on an article in the secular media (the link you provided isn’t credible evidence of anything). That’s what the secular media wants everyone to believe. Do you have a link to the Raymond Arroyo report? I seriously doubt that Mr. Arroyo would believe that there is a great deal of corruption in the Curia, based on unsubstantiated rumors.


The link I provided came off Raymond’s twitter feed…

I got the link from him…

Thanks for the link. I’m sorry to see that Raymond Arroyo is being taken in by the scandal-mongering secular media. Still, I don’t see that Raymond Arroyo himself believes that there is a “great deal of corruption in the Curia,” unless you can give evidence otherwise.

I have been watching his reporting from Rome, and the guests he has on. From his reporting I do get the sense that he knows that there are some real issues going on.

He doesn’t let on how extensive, or not, he thinks those issues are, however.


The Church is equipped to deal with things such as these.

Back in 2005, John Paul II was too ill to do most of the Holy Week liturgies himself, so then-Cardinal Ratzinger led them in his stead.

Raymond’s blog entry on what things are like right now, after the gag order

Denise, I think his entry may shed some light on what the Cardinals are dealing with IE the Curia.

And all of these details - which reads like tabloid journalism - is important for Catholics to know about… for what reason?

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