Suspension lengths


I’ve noticed with a few users, that there could be an error with their suspensions.

Typically, the suspension is for a week or so but I’ve seen where the year of the date was set to 3017. Though I find it kind of humorous that someone would be suspended for a 1000 years, I’m just wondering if this is a mistake by the moderators.


How do you even know someone is suspended? A suspension date ending in 3017 sounds more like a ban!


If you select their avatar, there is copy on the profile pop up that displays the reason and date until the suspension ends.

A ban is what I thought as well, but why not just write banned?


Likely technological limitations. I’ve moderated a forum before and that was a thing - the software didn’t have a separate “ban” feature, just a suspension.


That’s correct. Discourse has “blocked” and “suspended” users states. A blocked user can still login and interact in some ways, but cannot create new topics or replies. A suspended user cannot login at all. They can only browse the forums as an anonymous user.


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