Suspensions lately


Not to sound nosy, but I noticed many people getting suspended lately. Any particular reasons why? What are valid grounds for suspending a user?


You can find the community guidelines here:


I’ve noticed that. I’ve noticed a lot of suspensions in users I never would have believed could be suspended. And no reason given. Not sure what’s going on.


I am curious how people are aware of others suspensions since it is not listed under the username anymore like it was in the old CAF. It takes me days or weeks to realize someone hasn’t posted for awhile and then I sometimes still don’t catch it.


If you click on their name it doesn’t show, but if you click again to see their full profile, it shows.


I am not really sure we need to have the reason. Obviously, they violated some rule CAF has. For us to know why really serves no purpose and just seems like gossip.


we don’t get reasons, beyond what irishmom quotes. its private between the person and the mod. Its really not our business.


I agree. I was just baffled at what was going on. I don’t think that l “need” to know.


Sometimes, often, a reason is given though.


speaking as someone who has been suspended 3 times, we don’t get given a specific this is why, this thread, this post, these words. reason


Then how are you supposed to know how to behave next time?


Thank you. I’m not sure I’m that comfortable with folk being “silenced”. (I’m just not buying thet you, or 3 other posters I’m thinking of, were unkind or uncharitable or having multiple accounts etc.).


by playing nice, not typing exactly what you think in the australian vernacular…

I was quite vitriolic a couple of times, and also misundesrstood a couple, given the aussie vernacular doesn’t translate that well.

but its the nature of the beast. the suspended must learn from their mistakes or be doomed to keep repeating them :slight_smile:


Do you not get any right to reply?


CAF is not a democracy.
but I am on a couple of FB pages, I must say, they are run so strictly, only veteranarians are allowed to answer. posters can only post on animal health issues.

And you get booted if you comment. Thats so hard to keep quiet and not reply on. at times. Its a humbling experience that teaches a person its not really your business, no one asked you :slight_smile: You can’t even post a non smily angry face. .you get booted for that!

CAF is a walk in the park in comparison. shhh don’t tell the mods.


But how do you learn of mistakes if you are not told what they are?
Maybe it wasn’t the Aussie slangs that were the problem?


ever been suspended?




You can discuss it with the moderator in private messages.


Yes, it used to show when you clicked on the user name. I miss that. It was far easier to determine.

I’ve had posts flagged and removed. I was able to discuss that with the moderators. I don’t know about suspensions. I could imagine you may not get the opportunity because once you are suspended I would assume you can’t access the website.

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