"Sutoro":Christian Autonomist Fighters of Syria



Sutoro is the official Syriac Christian security forces of “Rojava” that claims to fight alongside the Kurds to protect themselves from regime’s forces and the Islamic rebels


Christian leaders fear without help from the outside, the Syrian church may disappear, but there is one group on the inside, friendly to both America and Syrian Christians that offers hope

Many brave Muslims and Christians continue to risk their lives to protect their lands, Churches, and Mosques from ISIL terrorists.

Earlier this year, a Christian area in Syria with a Massive statue of Jesus Christ was assaulted by terrorists who surely would have blown up the statue as well as the Church and possible the Mosque as there were Muslims and Christians working together to fight ISIL. Thank the Lord though, that the terrorists were repelled.

I feel its important for folks to know that in Syria and Iraq, there are Churches and Mosques in danger of being blown up by ISIL terrorists, these terrorists have committed mass killings. The Kurdish Militias of Iraq and Syria, which includes Muslims and Christians, as well as Christian militias, have lost many brave men and women in the fight against ISIS.


Hundreds of Kurds hold a funeral for four Kurdish fighters killed in the Syrian border town Kobani.


Thanks for keeping us informed.



Sure thing, my prayers are with those that are battling ISIL. Seeing that massive Statue of Jesus Christ standing tall amid the ISIL assault against a Christian populated are in Syria was a great sight to see.


There was recently another case of Christians and Muslims working together in Iraq, to remove ISIL terrorists who are wreaking havoc upon innocent Christians and Muslims.

*BAKUFA, Iraq – The flag of an Iraqi Christian minority party is hoisted high over the village of Bakufa in northern Iraq, less than a month after militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) were pushed out and the extremists’ black banner was taken down.

The predominantly Christian Assyrian hamlet of 95 houses that once had about 500 people, located some 243 miles north of Baghdad, was overrun by the Islamic State group during its shocking blitz this summer, along with 22 other villages nearby.

In a counter-offensive, the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga fighters swept in from the north, battling ISIS house-to-house. The fighting forced the villagers to flee to Kurdish towns and cities elsewhere in northern Iraq.

Once Bakufa was retaken, the Kurdish fighters helped set up the village militia, made up of about 70 volunteers and known as Dwekh Nawsha, or “self-sacrifice” in Assyrian.

The men of Dwekh Nawsha now patrol Bakufa round-the-clock, in the hope that the village stays free long enough so their families can return.*


Previously , the Iraqi village of Bakufa, which was home to many Christians, was overtaken by ISIL terrorists. But recently the Peshmerga was able to defeat ISIL at Bakufa, and in the aftermath, the Kurds assisted in setting up a Christian militia known as Dwekh Nawsha. This is a great victory, praise be to God.


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