Suzanne Somers-22 years on the pill and breast cancer

People always like to point to high estrogen as a culprit. If it was a culprit, every young woman would have ovarian or breast cancer, because they ooze estrogen. Things start to really go awry when the decline in estrogen occurs. Think about it. Most women get their breast cancers in perimenopause, as in my case, but it doesn’t show up until menopause, so they say it occurs in menopausal women. I was on birth control pills for 22 years because I was told they were safe. I’ve come to realize that they weren’t safe because is it safe to take a chemical every day? And how could it be safe to take something that prevents ovulation? We go against that nature; every time we go against that nature, we mess with things.

I would agree with that. As a society we are all ingesting so many chemicals it is hurting us. We receive chemicals in our food to being offered a pill for anything and everything.

I :heart: Suzanne Somers. :blushing:

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Yeah,agree about the pill, but her science is kind of off track. Estrogen works one way when you are young & another when you are older. There is a good reason our bodies start slacking off on the hormones when we get older.
Alcohol is directly connected to an increase in breast cancer because it boosts estrogen levels.This is more dangerous to older women.Estrogen receptive breast tumors are more likely to be present in older women.Alcohol may be “natural” but still harmful to women.

Prayers for Suzanne S. She struggled to overcome a tough childhood.

Didn’t she have at least one abortion? I remember seeing a television movie years back about her life story, she starred in herself, so I think she has revealed this about her past to the public. Isn’t there an abortion and breast cancer link?

I don’t remember Suzanne Somers ever having an abortion or talking about having had one. In fact she was a young talented artist who became an unwed mother who chose to keep her baby, married the father and later divorced him.

I think she is talking only about birth control and many woman feel they have been harmed by birth control alone so she speaks for many woman who are afraid to speak up or feel they are isolated in their belief that they are sick because of birth control use.

Many woman use the pill at some point in their life but few stay on the pill for long periods of time.

What I learned…

Suzanne Somers is a health advocate. Many woman have taken the pill and believe their sickness is related to the birth control pill even though few stay on it that long so she speaks for many women.

Wikipedia doesn’t mention an abortion but I did find a site that did. Sadly an abortion has to do with her current husband whom she has been married to for 32 years.

She is an Irish catholic girl who was a talented actress in college when she at age 18 had an unwed pregnancy, chose to keep the baby, marry the father and divorced shortly afterwards. Her only child was severely injured when he was hit by a car at age 6.

Her life has had a lot of tragedy from the beginning with a violent alcoholic father, alcoholic siblings and a wildfire that totally destroyed her home in 2007 yet I am so glad she is not afraid to speak up.:thumbsup:

I never realized she was taken off “Three’s Company” because she asked for a raise and she only made $30,000 per episode.

That seems like alot of money for the 1970’s? Did the other two actors earn so much more?

Suzanne Somers was basically the star of the show. She was a pretty girl who wiggled, giggled and was innocently dumb.

Charlie Sheen receives $825,000 per episode for Two-And One-Half Men

I saw that too and yes, I remember her having an abortion in it.

Does anyone know a non-pro-life or at least a neutral site with statistics re.the link between breast cancer & abortion? I’ve talked about it to several people but they just brush it off because the leading proponent of the theory is pro-life.In their minds that makes all of the research findings suspect.

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