Swastika priest

A fascist Catholic priest has shocked parishioners by welcoming them to church wearing a swastika armband.

I think I’ve read some of his posts in the Traditional Catholic Forum…:smiley:

The guy is not a priest, he is a lay person. He is the sacristan and the diocese is already addressing the problem.

If so, then this is another example showing that we cannot rely on the media.

Whether he is a priest or a lay person,this is not acceptable and the Diocese has to address this sooner rather than later.

We Catholics can be great at sweeping things under the carpet until there’s so much dust, the carpet lifts without help.

If he’s only a sacristan, the subject line of this thread needs to be changed. Someone contact a mod.

I think you are right. The blog “Whispers in the Loggia” has a followup to its report on this incident:

SVILUPPO: Contrary to the Austrian report cited above, Angelo Idi (shown above right) is not a priest, but the lay sacristan of a parish church


I picked a couple random Italian newspaper stories about the incident, and ran them through Babelfish, and it seems that Mr. Idi wore the swastika on the day the Holocaust is remembered.

Here’s an article which says that the man worked as a verger in the Parish Church. So the media blew this way out of proportion.


I wrote both to Bobzils and to the blog “Whispers in the Loggia” asking for the same correction and so these are not two independent confirmations. Just to reassure you, it was posted correctly on several Italian newspapers.

Father Idi has the right to his political beliefs, but he should not wear political insignia on his priest clothes / cassock.

According to what is being said here, the priest isn’t the one sporting the insignia - it’s a lay person connected to the parish…

But I can tell you here and now that if I thought my parish priest or any lay person who had duties/ministries in my parish had the political affiliations under discussion, I would want to know why they are allowed to be associated with and practice in the church…

I cannot see how you can argue that a priest has the right to his political beliefs but should not wear political insignia on his vestments. Would you really feel comfortable with a priest who is supposed to be practicing pastoral care and representing Jesus Christ here on earth, knowing that he supports a group who condoned and committed the most abominable atrocities?

It is said that ‘religion and politics don’t mix’. Certainly not in this case.

Since the writer of the cited article has been shown to be incorrect, there’s nothing further to discuss and the thread is now closed.

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