How do you stay focused on one way (religion) to God? Do you get “swayed” buy others or other religions? Did you leave the church and then come back? Can you tell your story?


I was swayed to come back to the Catholic Faith by this Book Here:angelfire.com/ca3/rafaelmarie/ThePieta/athepieta.html



I have been an orthodox since i’ve been born, and I am so thankful for that. My parents taught me that our goal in life is to get salvation and be with God in heaven since I was a child. I have never been attracted to other religions because I merely felt and understood everything i’ve been taught about orthodoxy. I didn’t feel like i needed to search for another God. I found the true God in orthodoxy and I am trying to be a good christian.
When I grew up I started looking into other religions as well, but only for information. One thing i can say for sure: I am so happy I found God in orthodoxy and that learning about other religions only made me grow more in my faith.
Staying focus in my religion meant that I had to pray as often as I could to God to protect me against evil things and temptations.



obedience to God’s Word and humility and constant reliance on his grace and trust in him.


I’m a cradle Catholic, and my faith journey has been entirely with the Catholic Church (although I have had and still have friends from other faiths). Once I developed a personal relationship with God through His Church, there was no going anywhere else. :slight_smile:

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