Sweatshop and sportswear, Advice needed


I have been a long standing fan of addidas and all of their clothing. i have been aware that they have a “questionable” record in the area of workers right and sweatshops but i never looked into it and have previously brushed it off with a “well so does everyone else” and told myself “they are probably better now than before”.

sadly today i’ve realised that while they have made some steps of improvement, little has changed since i last looked into the issue and now i have a dilemma.

What do i do?

Do i boycott and lobby them as well as support charities that fight for workers rights? but there that whole scenario where i could in theory contribute to a fall in profits and the company decides to close these factories instead to compensate.

Do i remain a costumer (i recently ordered some clothes that haven’t arrived yet do i keep them, do i return them in protest?) but also lobby them and support charities? but then again i would be giving me money to the organisation that allegedly has poor workers’ rights and conditions record.

I’ve considered buying from an alternative brands but how i can i be sure they have an acceptable workers rights record in ALL of their factories? as a university student, i don’t have the time to research potential brands whilst meeting the demands of my degree. The truth is, almost all sports brands i have access to purchase here in the UK may have some “dirt”.


God bless


If you feel that bad about it maybe try looking into another brand that you see fit. A lot of products come out that are like a "generic" so to speak brand. Nothing wrong with that. Might even save money!!! God Bless!


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