Sweden allows sex-selective abortions (CNA)

Stockholm, Sweden, May 12, 2009 / 06:02 pm (CNA).- Sweden, which legalized abortion in 1938, has taken its abortion extremism one step further by legalizing “gender based” abortion which allows a mother to decide to abort her baby solely due to his or her sex.feedads.g.doubleclick.net/~a/PkThXdZzBFrb3vi7F3s-s8rYGIo/0/di


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Is this somehow different from the US?

And yet the world thinks that places like Sweden are civilised … that is just sick!

This isn’t surprising–I mean, if it’s okay to kill a child in the womb for no reason, it’s certainly okay to kill a child one for a poor reason, such as being female when a male is desired, or vice versa.

Still, I think this is an important story because it’s so hard for pro-choice advocates to justify this.

I often wondered how they could, I mean you never hear them making a cry about the mass murder of all the females in China, and now even in India. They don’t care as long as the women (mother of said child only) has and keeps the right to kill.

Satan is a very clever creature.:frowning:

Its been legal in the United States since 1973.

Yeah, I really don’t see why this is news. Maybe Sweden previously required some sort of reason before state healthcare would pay for the procedure. But unless I’m missing something, it’s not accurate to described the Swedish approach as extremist in comparison to almost every other nation (including the US) already allowing this.

You make a good point.

I wonder because I thought women got abortions because it interfered with their lives or some other reason … didn’t know the case was because of the sex of the child. Most of the time that happens in countries like China or India.

Most of the time in the Western world when you want a son vs daughter they go to places that would screen the embryo not get pregnant over and over again until you get the sex you want.

Well, at least the article stated that the doctors expressed “concern” over the issue.That’s a degree or so above what happens here in that situation.

If it’s not life, how can it be assigned a gender?


It is the same in the US.

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