Sweden Is Turing Into A No-Go Ghetto

what is going on in Sweden? no go zones are increasing and even the cops are asking for help. what is the answer?



Where is Gustavus Adolphus when you need him?

Sweden, the humanitarian superpower, is finished.

If governments and countries play dice with the devil then the devil is what they get.

There is no way to discuss this in a charitable fashion! Sweden must be willing to fight for what is theirs. Can only pray that Swedish culture survives.

This will bring all of the Alt-Righters and crypto-fascists out of the woodwork. Nothing Sweden needs more than a load of Americans to tell them about how terrible their country is.

This isn’t even a news story. It’s just two clips from Alt-Right channels.

I have no interest in watching either of those videos, but we do tend to get a lot of people from outside the U.S. here telling us how terrible the U.S. is, so :shrug:

No matter who brings something like this to our attention, it’s well worthy of attention if Sweden really is losing control of its country to Islamic immigrants.

Alot of Brits, Germans, Dutch, Belgians, Swedes, etc think we’re a bunch of racist idiots. Alot of Poles, Hungarians, and Slovaks think we got the right idea.

The problem about Sweden is that you cannot start a discussion about immigration policies without being labeled racict or islamofobe.

And now there’s no turning back. Some places are now dangerous to go to.

Sweden is the end result of the European experiment with social democratic progressivism.

For a long time, the argument has been “The standard of living is SO much higher in social democracies, and they are so peaceful” and the counter-argument has been “The peace and standard of living is a result of a non-diverse, racial, ethnic, and cultural homogeneity.”

I guess now we see what happens when just a little diversity is introduced to the democratic socialist utopias.

Eastern Europeans know what it’s like to be occupied by a hostile foreign power during their own lifetimes, and don’t want to repeat it. Few western Europeans now living have had that experience.

The first is an Australian 60 minutes crew, they are not ‘right’ let alone accused of ‘alt right’. You should watch it.

God Bless

Thank you for reading

A lot of the claims in that are incredibly spurious. The video claims that there are “55 declared no-go zones in Sweden.” Declared by who? The Swedish government rejects such claims. Sweden is the victim of a lot of such spurious crimes. Another is the claim that it is somehow a “rape capital” of Europe, despite the fact that such a claim ignores the way in which Sweden reports on rape. On top of this, most of the people making these claims are white right-wingers who really don’t care much about the fact that a woman is far more likely to be raped by somebody she shows knows than a stranger, and the false information they spread has genuinely led many people to believe that white women in European countries are more likely to be raped by non-white immigrants than anybody else.

I don’t deny that there are problems that immigrants bring, or that immigrants are at high-risk of committing a lot of crimes. I just take issue with this problem being turned into some kind of White Nationalist race war narrative. The narrative is misleading.

One question that’s never asked by these people is why these immigrants are here in the first place. Western governments and western capital have ravaged a lot of the developing world, and we who live in western countries are forced by them to deal with the consequences.

It’s funny that these problems weren’t brought into western Europe until several decades after colonialism ended. The last European colonies on the continent of Africa were granted independence in the late 1970s. The European influence in the middle east decreased precipitously by mid 20th century.

These countries have been so effective at governing themselves that their people are lining up to escape. The narrative you’ve learned to recite about the problems in the developing world all being the fault of the west are just wrong, and disgustingly so.

Colonialism and imperialism were bad, but they’ve been over for a long, LONG time. The problems in Syria are a result of SYRIAN policy. The problems in North Africa are a result of NORTH AFRICAN policy. The problems in Bangladesh are the result of, well, primarily Pakistani and Indian policy, but still, that’s not the west.

The problem with the positions you spout are that they don’t have any interest in solving the problems, they just want the west punished for the crimes of long dead people.

Radicals tend to bring out other radicals - action, reaction. Meanwhile, the people in the middle have to deal with their bickering and useless, sometimes violent, mess.

That governments are actively hiding problems with immigration helps neither the immigrants nor citizens.

BOTH narratives are misleading.

I just want to add to my post from earlier: what I meant, by countries and governments receiving devilish consequences, after having integrated all sorts of idolatrous ideologies into their political systems, was specifically to do with violence and hatred, disturbance and rebellion, and not anything to do with the Muslim religion or immigrants. They are a different issue. If a country holds fast to core Christian principles then such lands will be able to welcome integration and adapt, as needs must.

People (sadly) commit crime out of shame.

Also, multiculturalism versus interculturalism is one way I have heard part of the debate formulated.

I hope to talk more about this with residents in my present town soon.

We need to ponder what it is to defend values for whatever reason. We get big publicity about a stateless elite, who think they don’t need to be subject to laws, shoved in our faces.

Certainly it should remain the prerogative of a state to set its border policies.

Funny, whenever people whine the “legacy of colonialism” they always forget about the infrastructure and concepts like human rights that the West left behind.


Gosh, I wonder where we’ve heard that sort of thing before?

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