Sweden: Riots erupt in Stockholm neighborhood


Sweden: Riots erupt in Stockholm neighborhood

By Ivan Watson and Lauren Said-Moorhouse, CNN Tue February 21, 2017

Stockholm, Sweden (CNN) Riots broke out in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood of Stockholm Monday night, as residents clashed with police officers and set vehicles on fire, Swedish police say.

Officers were forced to call in reinforcements when a crowd began to gather in the suburb of Rinkeby during the arrest of a suspect, according to a statement from Stockholm police. . . . .

. . . . . In recent years, Sweden has taken in more refugees per capita than any other European country, which has fueled tensions and caused a rise in anti-immigrant sentiment. . . . .

. . . . More riots erupted later in the evening, causing damage to shopfronts as well as instances of looting. A police spokesperson said 10 cars had been torched . . . . . .



Already had this thread. It still doesnt excuse Trump’s over eagerness to vanquish Vikings


It still doesnt excuse Trump’s over eagerness to vanquish Vikings


Please explain what you mean (I think you may have reading motives into my post that were not there).

This thread is not about “Trump”.



Already had this thread.

This story was from a CNN perspective.

I see the AP story (here) too, that you alluded to (here).

Same event yet different news stories, differing coverage perspectives.

(Yet some overlap so if moderator wants to merge the threads, fine by me. If mods. want to keep them separate, fine by me as well.)


Vanquish Vikings? President Trump is helping by calling attention to their current situation


It must be a mistake. Immigrants in Sweden don’t do riot.


The swedes will tell you all is not what Trump’s speech makers and damage controllers want you to believe.

Personally , I believe this is a bid for more blonde blue eyed athletic contenders for that Miss Universe contest.


Trump only likes Fox! The rest are Fake News.



That’s the problem about Fake News. Now when they print factual news, anti-Trump liberal leftists do not believe it is true just because Trump has said so. :rolleyes:


Can you please define, for an Aussie, what an
anti-Trump liberal leftists is, and what it eats. :innocent:

Wish the good news was focussed on. Our Foreign minister met with your vice pres today. There is talk our troops, 50km from Mosul, are going to join yours in Syria. Stuff like that.


They are those who swallow pretty much everything that the Fake News feed them from the news channels. ;):smiley:

They may report on that but be assured they would invite their political analysts who would make Trump look very bad. Sure they would put one pro-Trump commentator but he/she would be drown out by their own anti-Trump so-called analysts. If that is not enough their anchor man will see to that.


Before Trump made his comment, pretty much everyone was ignoring the rioting and the NO-GO places and the rapes, but now there is a lot of attention being payed.

Turns out it is real.

Tucker Carlson gets the credit for bringing it to Trump’s attention.


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