Sweden struggles over child marriage



Seems there may be a slight downside to unchecked immigration from countries that don’t share your culture…


While we insist that Sweden protects children’s rights and that we promote a child-centered approach to children’s welfare, we have allowed children of foreign backgrounds to live as married women with older men

There is that famed liberal tolerance for you. Here it is tolerating paedophilia.


Maybe that explains them leaving Spacey’s star alone…


Robert Lewis Dabney understood fanaticism.

But the suppleness of fanaticism in affiliating with every other vice, is not duly appreciated; it is a fact, true, if unexpected, that genuine fanaticism can tolerate any thing except the peculiar object of its hate, and that it is compatible with supreme selfishness. For what is fanaticism but selfishness acting under the forms of pride with its offspring censori- ousness, the lust of power, envy, and dogmatism?


The idea of marrying off children at 14, thank goodness you don’t find that sort of thing in western culture!


Thank goodness!

(So far only Florida and New Jersey have outlawed marriage completely for those under 18. )



Official data suggests child marriages are relatively rare among Sweden’s newly arrived immigrant population. A 2016 report by the Swedish Migration Agency only identified 132 underage asylum seekers who stated they were married when they arrived in Sweden. Most came from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq and applied for asylum in Sweden after August 1, 2015, at the height of the refugee crisis that brought 163,000 asylum seekers to Sweden in just a year.

But the real number is probably higher, authorities caution, as many cases likely go unreported.


No that seems to be a feature of naughty cultures, like Judaism and is evident in individuals like a certain lady called Miriam. More seriously my own grandmother was married at 16 and her husband was a good dozen or so years older and no-one thought anything of it. Attitudes to brides ages have change again and again over the centuries. My cousin married at 16 to a man twice her age and everyone ran around predicting doom and gloom. 30 odd years later she is married, has a load of kids and is a successful pharmacist as her husband helped her thought college and university. Now obviously that’s not true for every family but I can think of plenty of women in my own family who have married young and their tends to be some sort of preference going on for older men among them. Usually stable men with sensible habits and even at 16 I can remember my cousin was not someone to trifle with and she was unusually mature.


Well, us Jews are, by definition, very naughty but no . . .

The thing is that certain States in the land of the brave and home of the free haven’t exactly been a beacon of light on the subject of child marriage.


The difference might be between a love match and an arranged marriage. I know a young women whose mother immigrated from the Middle East maybe 15 or 20 years ago. Her mother forced her to marry at 15 to prevent her dating American boys.

A far cry from the 15-year-old I knew back in the 1970s who ran off with her boyfriend so they could marry.


I don’t actually have an absolute objection to arranged marriages. Many of them work as well as love matches. The case you cite is not a way of using it I’d support but where prospective partners are introduced to each other by parents and have some free choice in the matter I don’t think it’s an inherently worse system than dating.


I am the same way, but when the bride is quite young, in a western culture, I think that is a huge problem, because at that age, they can’t really agree to the arrangement, nor can they fight against it. In the West, there is the added problem of a dearth of support such as they would find in their own country where many others have been or are in a similar situation.


I have read about statutory rape victims marrying their rapists, in order to avoid prosecution.

There’s an Italian film in the subject, “Seduced and Abandoned”. It’s a saritre, made in the 1960’s set in Sicily. It’s by the same director as “Divorce, Italian Style.”

My mom’s sister was married at 15, back in 1955 in Sicily. My mom, until her dementia became so severe, blamed my grandparents and insisted she should have been sent to the US instead of a “reparative marriage”.

It’s very ironic that parts of the US are as advanced as 1955 Sicily was.

If I recall there was a Sicilian teen who refused a reparative marriage in the 1950’s. I don’t recall her name, but I believe she might still be living.


My mother worked with a young lady from India. She had an arranged marriage.

It was arranged that both set of parents arranged for them to meet, with the purpose of eventual marriage. She was completely free to say she wasn’t interested in him.

They were Christian.


I was mistaken, it was the 1960’s, her name was Franca Viola.


So many desperate, desperate lives.


I remember reading in National Geographic about underaged girls being married, The stories about young girls trying to deal with marriage and childbearth haunted me. The girls were children themselves! And the men were older predators taking advantage of their helplessness.


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