Sweden to expel up to 80000 rejected asylum seekers


So, now we’re getting to a migrant crisis crunch time as asylum appeals fail in Sweden the country that took most migrants in proportion to population.


I hope the Swedish government acts fully responsible in dealing with these migrants.


I am curious how you expel them? By plane, train or bus? Back to their country of origin? Are they allowed to seek asylum somewhere else?


At times the last several months seem almost unreal and certainly lacking in reality.

No matter one’s suspicions that many of the ‘refugees’ were, in reality, economic migrants just pushing their luck, the fact that they were given false hopes by some countries does seem very wrong.


yes and they must be very disappointed to now be rejected.


Charter aircraft, apparently, and it will take years and years.

A time of boom in the civil rights lawyer industry anyway. Perhaps any shortage could be solved by training immigrants. . . .

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