Sweden To Recognize Palestinian State


Sweden is to “recognise the state of Palestine”, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has said, the first long-term EU member country to do so.

“The conflict between Israel and Palestine can only be solved with a two-state solution,” he said during his inaugural address in parliament.

It should be “negotiated in accordance with international law”, he said.

Sweden last month voted out the centre-right Alliance coalition of Fredrik Reinfeldt after eight years.

That allowed the Social Democrats led by Mr Lofven to form a government with other parties on the left including the Greens.

“A two-state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to peaceful co-existence.Sweden will therefore recognise the state of Palestine,” Mr Lofven said on Friday, without giving a timeline for the recognition.

Sweden will join more than 130 other countries that recognise a Palestinian state.

Most of the EU’s 28 member states have refrained from recognising Palestinian statehood and those that do - such as Hungary, Poland and Slovakia - did so before joining the bloc.

Long campaign
The Palestinians have long sought to establish an independent, sovereign state in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem as its capital, and the Gaza Strip - occupied by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War.

Correspondents say Sweden’s move is likely to be strongly criticised by Israel and the US, who argue that an independent Palestinian state should only emerge through negotiations.
In 1988, the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat unilaterally declared a Palestinian state within the pre-June 1967 lines.

This won recognition from about 100 countries, mainly Arab, Communist and non-aligned states - several of them in Latin America.

The 1993 Oslo Accord between the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and Israel led to mutual recognition. However, two decades of on-off peace talks have since failed to produce a permanent settlement.

In 2012, the UN General Assembly voted to upgrade the status of the Palestinians to that of a “non-member observer state”.

It followed a failed bid to join the international body as a full member state in 2011 because of a lack of support in the UN Security Council.

The other EU members which recognize Palestine are: Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Romania. However, this diplomatic recognition was made before they entered the EU.

Sweden’s decision is considered important because of the country’s reputation as trustworthy mediator in international affairs. Sweden also exercises an influential voice in EU foreign policy. Sweden could sway other countries to back the Palestinians’ desire for statehood.

On the other hand, Sweden’s new government, composed of Löfven’s Social Democrats and Greens, hold a minority of seats in parliament and is seen in Sweden as one of the weakest in decades.

The former center-right administration under Fredrik Reinfeldt refused to recognize Palestinian statehood on the grounds of territorial ambiguities.

What I’m primarily interested in is what form the backlash will take. I’m expecting some kind of horrible terrorist atrocity to occur in Sweden because of this. I know how thoroughly unpopular this belief will likely be with other CAF members, but it’s what I honestly see happening. I fervently hope and pray I’m wrong.

Good for Sweden.

Those other countries listed in Coatimundi’s post seem to have recognized Israel without any kind of retaliation.

Would the 2 state solution solve anything. Will Palestinians give up their goal of driving the Israelis into the sea?


I wonder when Sweden (and others) will recognize the Islamic State?

Well Sweden is an Islamic country

It doesn’t matter whether this country or that country recognises other places as official countries or not.

For me Kosovo is Serbian and Crimea is Russian.

So what?

I believe in the Holy Trinity, others don’t, it doesn’t change what I believe.

Lutheran Christianity is the largest religion in Sweden, with 65.9% of the Swedish citizens being the members of the Church of Sweden.[1] Other Christian denominations include Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. Islam is the second largest religion in Sweden, practiced by 5.0% of the population.[2] The remaining population is either irreligious or belongs to other religious groups.[3]

Whose demographics could shift to having a Muslim Majority Army by 2015 and is on par to become a Muslim Nation many articles say is Russia itself. That could have a reason as to why that country may be looking around Europe.

Russia faces demographic disaster

In his recent state of the nation address, President Vladimir Putin said the most urgent problem facing Russia is its demographic crisis.**

The country’s population is declining by at least 700,000 people each year, leading to slow depopulation of the northern and eastern extremes of Russia, the emergence of hundreds of uninhabited “ghost villages” and an increasingly aged workforce.

**It reflects concern that while ethnic Russians fare so badly, there are other, predominantly Muslim, population groups that are experiencing very rapid growth. **


Imagine Russia in 2050! According to Paul Goble, a specialist on ethnic minorities in the Russian Federation has predicted that within the next several decades, Russia will become a Muslim majority state. There is another bad news with fast decline in country’s population. This has already become a headache for Russian politicians and policy makers.


Search it out for yourself, even by 2015, 2020, Russia may have a Muslim Majority Army.

Israel has objected to Sweden’s decision, saying that it will undermine any attempt at a two-state peace process. According to a statement released by the Foreign Ministry, the Swedish position “creates the unrealistic anticipation that the Palestinians will be able to achieve their goal unilaterally rather than by negotiations with Israel.”

In response, the Swedish foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom, wrote on her Twitter account on Monday that “two less unequal partners would facilitate negotiations.” She added, “We must respect Israeli reaction — but we are prepared to lead the way.”


Thinking that 65% of Swedes are practicing Christians is quite funny. While the vast vast majority of Muslims are mosque going. Making them the largest Effective religious group in the country.
You should go to Sweden and see how everything is geared towards Islam. Everything, Private and government. And Russia might have it worse. I wouldn’t be surprised. Either way, it doesn’t change the situation in Sweden.

That is not a Palestinian goal. That may or may not be the goal of some individuals in Palestine but most people want a two-State solution and the same is true in Israel. Unfortunately for the majority of Israelis and Palestinians, each are being governed by minority extremists intent on poking each other in the eye every chance they get.

Wiping Israel off the map is Hamas’ goal. It says so itself in its charter.

That was dropped years ago and it is not reflective of the views of the majority of Palestinians on the subject.



WOW. Such a huge population sample taken.

Pretty standard for polling.

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