Sweden: Wedding ring 'found on carrot' after 16 years

A Swedish woman has discovered her wedding ring on a carrot growing in her garden, 16 years after she lost it, says a newspaper.

Lena Paahlsson had long ago lost hope of finding the ring, which she designed herself, reports Dagens Nyheter.

The white-gold band, set with seven small diamonds, went missing in her kitchen in 1995, she told the paper.

Although the ring no longer fits, she hopes to have it enlarged so she can wear it again.

Mrs Paahlsson and her family live on a farm near Mora in central Sweden.


My husband lost his in our carrot patch in Germany, we finally found it the next day in a pile of weeds, so I believe this woman’s story. Amazing to find it after 16 years!

These 2 stories PROVE that carrots are EVIL!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe not evil, maybe carrots are just interested in karots, like 14karot.

Haha! Hilarious.

Meanwhile, down the carrot patch in the wee small hours, Mrs. Gnome is fixing dinner and shaking her carrot at Mr. Gnome. “What do you mean, you lost it, you silly old fool? Gor blimey, in a carrot patch! Well, you go out and look for it, and don’t come back till you’ve found it, you hear??”

That made me giggle. :rotfl:


That’s very interesting…:):):):slight_smile:

See, carrots do help your eyesight.

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