Sweden's herd immunity failure

So much for those touting Sweden a success.

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The lancet warned about that. I’ve posted it a number of time.

Before herd immunity would happen, hospitals would be overwhelmed and the death rate would be high.

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You protest too much, what they are doing isn’t a ‘lock down’ in any fashion.

The restriction is aimed at public events such as sporting events and concerts and doesn’t extend to private gatherings.

Sweden also isn’t even close to exceeding their beds or ICU capacity yet. The below chart only projects this possibility in mid January of next year. I assume banning large public events is a good way to attenuate those Jan projections.

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Scott Gottlieb, MD

Sweden has banned gatherings of more than 8 people as a second wave of coronavirus continues to grow. “Don’t go to gyms, don’t go to libraries, don’t host dinners. Cancel,” Swedish Prime Minister Lofven said.

OK…so the Prime Minister and the King of Sweden are just creating panic in their country, everything is really just hunky dorey, fake news.

Shortages of hospital beds, shortages of room at morgues, shortages of toilet paper…

But one thing there is no shortage of is denial.

But no-one said it was…

Although if matters remains as they are there it will get there soon.

Herd immunity was always going to be a pipe dream for a virus that mutates so readily. Sweden may even find that having let the virus run rampant that it allowed it to mutate into a more deadly strain.


My father worked in the medical field for over 40 years. The shortage of beds isn’t from this virus, at least not in my community. Originally, my town had 4 hospitals. By the 80’s we had 2 and now we’ve got 1. What always preceded the closures were reducing the bed capacity and closing wings.

We need to invest in our healthcare system. If this virus can cause such a meltdown, I shudder at the thought of smallpox reappearing…

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