Swedish Parents Won't Tell if Child is Boy or Girl as Gender Experiment

By Hilary WhiteJune 29, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In an interview with newspaper Svenska Dagbladet in March, a Swedish couple said they are refusing to disclose whether their two-and-a-half-year-old child, called “Pop” in the media, is a boy or a girl. They said that their decision, made…

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But critics say that similar experiments with children have had tragic consequences. In 2004, David Reimer, a man who had been raised as a girl in childhood, committed suicide at the age of 38. Reimer’s parents had been convinced by Dr. John Money, a gender studies specialist at Johns Hopkins University, to impose “gender reassignment therapy” on their son after a botched circumcision.

LifeSite seems to misunderstand the Reimer case, because it is the exact opposite of what the Swedish parents claim to be doing. In the tragic Reimer story, the parents tried to impose a gender on their child with the aid of genital surgery via Dr. Money. In the Swedish case, the parents are allowing the child to define themself.

That said, I think the child will make a declaration of being male or female once s/he gets to school. The parents may try to shelter their child, but socialization will open the door to outside influences. Picking a gender is pretty basic in our culture.

Well, if you want to use the same absurd logic as Pop’s parents, then how do they have the right to make this choice or any choice for Pop? If they can deny the reality of Pop’s gender, then it’s easy to deny the reality that they are Pop’s parents. If so, then they’re just two unrelated people who have no right to make any decisions about Pop’s upbringing. Once you start denying objective reality, you are heading down a path where you will be hopelessly lost.

Amen brother! This poor child. :frowning:

Some people just have way too much free time. I’m assuming that Pop (funny gender neutral name…why not Mom?) wasn’t hatched from an egg.

Little boys and little girls are different.

By 2 1/2 Pop should be talking somewhat. And asking questions, and playing with other children. The first time he sees another child getting changed, or a baby taking a bath, Pop will figure out what he/she is.

Silly people, poor Pop. I hope when Pop grows up he becomes a boxer…or she becomes ballet dancer. :smiley: That will show them.:rolleyes:

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