Swedish police banned from describing criminals anymore


in case they sound racist.

I’m not the kind of person given to saying things like ‘political correctness gone mad’ (and it’s certainly a first for me on CAF) but not being able to describe crime suspects has driven me to it. :smiley:


What about age and gender? One imagines an all points bulletin going out over police radio: “Be on the lookout for a human being” But then, that might be “species-ist” :shrug:


Isn’t this implicitly racist itself as it assumes more crime is committed by certain groups? A statement of fact is simply a statement of fact.


How will Saga Norén (the cop with aspergers in the very wonderful Swedish/Danish TV series, The Bridge) cope?

To be serious, I cannot fathom how on earth the Swedes have managed to get themselves into a situation like this.


You’d have thought that the Cologne fiasco would be a glaring example of information mismanagement. Trying to avoid the ‘Swedish Democrats’ having something to moan about may well end up with the ‘Swedish Democrats’ having something to be enraged about.


Quite. I saw an interview with one of the Chief of Police where he suggested that the Swedish Psyche was super-sensitive to attaching inadvertent blame and negative profiling. But where there is crime, the police have to do what they have to do for the sake of everyone, and there is no time for this PC-claptrap.


I am speechless.


Sweden is the best example of what liberalism or secular humanism leads to. It is nothing but The Emperor’s New Clothes writ large.


Of course they did, otherwise people would start to wonder why all the rape reports identify the perpetrator as being of arab descent.


Congratualations! You have achieved the level of compliance that has been laid out for you!



The letter, dated September 15, 2015 was written just a few weeks after a youth festival in central Stockholm at which there were a number of alleged sex attacks.

This kind of response will work out as well as it did for the Catholic bishops too. ‘Ignore the problem until it goes away’ is a time honored strategy.


Rejecting God and the Church, and turning to secular humanist leftism to attempt to create utopia on earth.

And now that reality hits, they must start hiding and manufacturing false news so that people don’t realize the hellhole they’ve created.


Hellhole? Sweden consistently ranks higher than the US on crime, education, quality of life, freedom, and health. They don’t go to war, and right now, they’re experiencing a baby boom. They even have one of the highest GDPs in the world.

One misguided directive to law enforcement does not a hellhole make.




Better walk back that claim on crime. They’ve been caught hiding and covering up crime so they can keep on believing that everything is utopian. Rapes are spiraling out of control in Sweden, and it’s only going to get worse.

And the baby boom isn’t from Swedes. It’s from the immigrants who have brought in the crime and rapes.


If you can’t describe a criminal, how are you supposed to catch them? If I was a criminal, I would be packing my bag to move to Sweden.


I’m bemused to, I worked for years in retail management and had to report thefts to the police quite a bit. Would these rules impact on individuals like me. Would I be precluded from giving an accurate description.

I don’t for a moment think Sweden is a hellhole (that kind of talk is hyperbole run rampant) but it does set a very sill precedent. I can just imagine the chatter on the radios.

Police Unit:- Bag snatch reported in downtown Stockholm, on our way to attend.

Dispatcher - Copy. Be aware. We have a description.

Police Unit - Copy. Let’s have it please

Dispatcher - Well, er, a man did it.

Police Unit - Well… that’s er, very helpful control, thank you.


Loved that show, but now I finally understand why they wrote her with Asperger syndrome, it’s the only way the character would be accepted in saying non-PC comments. Many Swedes probably wish they had that excuse, so they could speak truth once in awhile.


Immigration is the only thing that has saved Sweden from total annhialation of the population. Lots of immigrants from Poland, Iraq, iran, Turkey so between the Catholics and the Muslims, population is booming. On another note, er, back to the subject at hand it is definitely political correctness and yes, their crime rate is growing at a fast clip. Good luck catching criminals with no description.:frowning:


This is actually becoming fairly common in news reporting in the US, i, e the attacker was a tall slender man in his 20’s wearing a blue tracksuit.

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