Sweet! Another "Is my Confession valid?" thread!


Yes, just came home from mass and confession a little while ago and thank you, scrupulousity!

So, here is my conundrum: Grabbed my priest after mass, as did another gentleman. Going to his office I began a rather necessarily lengthy confession. As I listed my sins I came to one (involving impurity) and…promptly stopped…I could not figure out how to confess it without giving too much unwanted information. Should I confess that?, I thought. It was embarrassing, and before I could muster the will to confess it, I remembered I had other things to confess and I have someone waiting to talk to Father after me and he was rather pressed for time to begin with… I continued listing other sins. At the end and rattled my brain to make sure I had confessed everything necessary, but completely forgot to mention the sin that had gotten me stuck earlier. I said my Act of Contrition, remembering a few things. (Of course) DURING the prayer of absolution, but I still didn’t remember to mention the thing that embarrased and confused me. Because I rembered a few things in the middle of being absolved I think I am ok to mention those at the next confession, but what about what I (sort of) withheld at that moment then completely forgot about? Honestly, HAD I remembered I don’t know if I would have had the will to mention it. As it is, I said my Act Of Contrition with a clear conciounce (I really had forgotten by that point) and for the next couple of hours was rejoicing about being back in God’s grace…until now. So, what do you think? Does this constitute deliberately withholding? Was the Sacrament effacious? My gut says I was absolved, since despite the momentary wavering of my will during confession, I really, truly tried to remember if I had forgotten something before my AoC. But still, a momentary decision to withhold Of shame and not knowing HOW to confess it appropriatly then just plain forgetting…? I really do not know what to think about my state.


“Forgetting” does NOT equal “deliberately withholding.”


I would definitely still confess that at a later confession. Explain what happened.


You’re fine - the Devil is putting doubts into your head to mess you up.


But I believe for now your confession is valid and not sacrelige.




Thank you all for putting me at ease.




When in doubt go back to confession , at the regularly scheduled hour. Confess the sin, need not be in minute detail.

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