Swim Suit Controversy - Miss California

I have one six year old daughter,when she goes swimming we allow her to wear a one piece suit only.
We don’t want her to get use to wearing or expecting to wear a bikini, even though it may seem harmless at her age now.
Even with her cute one piece we often have her wear a t-shirt over it, just to protect her from the effects of the sun. ( I have had a skin cancer scare in the past )

Of course, if you want to elaborate.

Yours is a trick comment…complimenting with a limp wrist then with a fist bashing the courageous woman in the breadbasket…using your comments ,lets sub St.Peters name for this beauty queen…ole Peter was a total coward by refusing to even admit he knew Jesus…yet later he overturned that weakness by giving his life for Him…very few of us are as spotless as you claim your looking for…I was a teacher in a catholic (small C) for 30 years,and so many of the faculty were Nam draft dodgers who got married and had a kid so as to not be drafted…they hated the US and wanted the reds to win in Nam…well they had their way…using your ‘logic’ I was also guilty since I was on the same faculty…no way jose…I simply would speak and say we had a treaty with the peoples of south Nam to defend them…etc etc…so this lovely lady is hated by you for she was not perfect…if she had worn an 1890 bustle outfit would she have been a runner up…go figure…

This poor woman. She’s blasted by liberals for speaking against gay marriage and she’s blasted by Christians for her bathing suit. Seems like she can’t do anything right. Unlike all of us who have always made perfect choices. :rolleyes:

Ms. KimPhat,
Are you scandalized by Miss California’s swimsuit? If you are, why is that? It sounds like you are an adult woman. You’re not 13 years old. Her swimsuit is between her and God, not between her and you.
Miss California was standing up in front of the whole nation and possibly the world when she took a very heroic and courageous stance against same sex marriage. God will judge her just as He will judge all of us.
I, for one, admire her courage and I don’t care what she was wearing.


The bigger picture is that a person of faith had the media spotlight for a time. This is something not often attained in today’s society. That in itself is a “victory”. It also exposed, if you saw the response of the judge who questioned Miss Ca., the monster diguised as “progressive thought”,

Catholic answers scolded me for insulting Ms. Phat. Then they took off my reply to her.

well, she is from california, respresenting a state that is known for its oceanside property and we all grew up watching the beach party movies - gidget, etc. (at least i did) where all the girls wore bikinis. bikinis and california go hand in hand.

i don’t know if she had a choice of wearing a one piece suit or not.

she might have been conflicted about that part of the pageant, but i don’t think that should take away from the courage she showed by answering the question sincerely and not trying to be politically correct.

This whole modesty issue really seems a fuzzy and moving target. Motive (to tittilate) must be a key factor otherwise its plausible that all women should just wear burkas. That said, maybe we should give Prejean the benefit of the doubt that she saw the pageant as something beyond a mere sexual display. Maybe we should take some of the responsibilty on ourselves and not watch things that lead our own minds astray regardless of how others are affected. Personally, I err on the side of caution when I see clips of the pageant in the news and just look at her face, which darnit, also happens to be rather pretty :o

i doubt if i will be watching this pageant anymore. i am not a big fan of donald trump and
if he is going to continue to have judges on there like perez hilton (who has no business judging a beauty pageant in my opinion) i don’t see this pageant as very legitimate. i think donald trump exploits these pageants for his own gain and publicity anyway.
miss america used to be a good scholarship pageant for women, but now it has been reduced to a reality show. i still like miss universe. women are one of God’s best creations. we don’t all look like miss america, miss usa or miss universe. the swim suit controversy has been there from the beginning and probably always will be. if they would eliminate the swim suit competition from all pageants, it would be fine with me. that is not the reason i have ever tuned in to the program anyway.

If you don’t like what Miss California (or any other of the Miss X State Lady’s) was wearing then maybe you could tell them directly rather than telling us here. :shrug:

This just a gripe fest. Glad I could join. I do love a good gripe.

I think Miss California’s Christianity is fake, just like her boobs.

Why be so judgemental? I doubt you really know much about her. I know many devout and good Christains (many Catholics) who wear s, and it’s mainly because no one has ever taught them anything about their body. True, even if she did her best to try and wear a one-piece or something like a tankini, it doesn’t mean she should’ve worn a . But don’t just expect her not to wear s because you know she shouldn’t or she’s just heard, don’t wear a without an explanation.

People should never allow the media to define or dictate modesty. In Catholic school in the 1960s, the girls were told they must not wear their skirts above the knees. Modesty. It has to be taught. I recall that the miniskirt was considered scandalous and rightly so.

Unless the government has actually published The United States Citizen’s Guide to Political Correctness, I don’t care about it and will never practice it, even though I work in the media. I will not practice any type of so-called political correctness. It’s a fake idea.

Answering questions sincerely should always be practiced.


All the women wore the same swimsuit so I can’t blame her for the style and all of them
looked pretty good, in my opinion.

The problem that I have with her is that she never answered the question and she has
yet to congratulate the actual winner, Miss North Carolina.

While some Christians may feel vindicated by having such an attractive spokesperson, others may want to consider whether or not one who is more articulate might be
a better witness.

Also, the California pageant paid for her augmentation and to me, that’s a risky thing for
a young woman.

These pageants are getting out of control in general and Donald Trump should consider if he would want his own daughter in one, if not, he should make money in another way.

Looks like the bathing suit was actually fairly modest for Carrie. It would appear that she has also posed for semi-nude photos as a teenager.

Now there is a role model!

Although the thread is about the modesty of the swimwear, all these points are worthy to consider. Are the pageants objectifying women and celebrating something less than what we should truly value in women? Perhaps. However, I will say that regarding the articulateness vs attractiveness of Prejean, I don’t think either of those are what’s moving us. What inspires us is simply her *honesty *and courage.

The thread is missing the point, IMHO. The media is attacking her for believing and stating what is the Christian and Catholic viewpoint that has been accepted for hundreds of years. This should be a warning to all of us about where our country and the world is going. The thought police are gaining power, and they are in the process of shutting down dissent. The U.K. just banned a conservative radio talk show host, and some leaders in our country want to do the same thing with radio here (decide who can talk and for how long). Now think of the speech that Mother Theresa made at the National Prayer breakfast, with President Clinton mere feet from her, and her strong condemnation of abortion. That speech is the type that these people are trying to shut down. You may not care if they silence conservative talk radio, but if they do, the priests and bishops who support orthodoxy are next. The same people want to force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions and dispense abortificient medications. We need to get smart and take action, or someday we will wake up in a country we do not know.

I looked at the contract she signed with the pageant and suggest everyone else do the same. The clause about posing semi-nude applies only to her actions after she began participation in this pageant. It doesn’t hold her liable for past mistakes. It does say that during the term of her reign that she can’t get involved in things that would reflect unfavorably on the pageant and its employees. She has become a spokesperson for the defense of marriage but if *that *is what causes the pageant to look bad, well - the heck with the pageant!

Finally, the reason she is a role model is ***not ***for what she wears or doesn’t wear. Its for her courage in standing up for her beliefs regarding marriage. The rest of this is deflection.

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