Swimming related brain disease

Just when you though it was safe to go back in the water
does this mean I have an excuse to drop aquasize? our pool stays at 88 all summer with the sun beating down on it, even in the evening. I already found an excuse to drop Curves (tendinitis) and walking (mosquitoes and plantar fasciaitis). I can’t go all summer with clicking the remote and pouring tea as my only exercise.

The amoebae that cause this terrible disease are very sensitive to chlorine. If you take reasonable care of your pool, it should be safe to swim in it.

I just wish I could open our pool…it’s still in the 50’s over here. With high winds and powerful storms. Normally, we would have been enjoying our weather.
Agreeably, rivers, lakes and streams are not chlorinated…are not treated with antialgae etc…so your pool should be just fine, as long as the birds that occasionally drop by for a drink do not introduce some bacteria from their tail feathers etc.
We had that one year…pink stringy algae that precluded swimming for several weeks until it was successfully treated and eliminated. We had to replace lots of our equipment as well, like the pool cover, hoses, filters and more.

Ooh…more bad news for you…excessive clicking of your remote may cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. :wink: :smiley:

No, Puzzleannie. Back into the water. Where I live (near Branson, Mo) our karst geology feeds springs and rivers so fresh and cold that if you swim in them for half an hour, you won’t pop a bead of sweat the rest of the day even if it’s over a hundred degrees in the shade. Of course, you need to get out when your lips turn blue and the shivering becomes uncontrollable. Kind of a minor negative there.

Do you know there used to be a railroad line from southern Texas to this part of the country, the sole purpose of which was to give Texans a break from the summer heat? That’s a fact. Probably people from here took the reverse journey in January.

Now that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to reinstate one of these times. I imagine those train trips were pleasant in themselves.

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