Swine flu proves wisdom of Islamic teachings: Cleric


DOHA: A Muslim cleric delivering the Friday sermon in a suburban mosque here told the devout yesterday that now that it was known that pigs had been identified as the basic source of the swine flu virus, it should be appreciated that Islam had forbidden breeding of pigs and eating pork.

Worshippers listened with awe as the imam of the main mosque in Al Gharrafa reminded fellow Muslims why Allah had asked people not to breed pigs, eat pork or indulge in adultery and homosexuality, which were known to be the cause of another killer disease (a reference to AIDS).

The imam referred to a prominent Arabic TV channel which reported that a major Muslim country had farms breeding some 350,000 pigs and the government there was mulling culling these animals as a precautionary measure. Criticizing the channel, the cleric said it should have mentioned that Islam prohibits breeding this animal and eating its meat.

](“http://www.thepeninsulaqatar.com/Display_news.asp?section=Local_News&subsection=Qatar+News&month=May2009&file=Local_News2009050225532.xml”)Wow, what a sermon. If he only had a scientific Qu’ran to explain that the H1N1 (Swine flu virus) was not the result of eating pork as previously thought. The 2009 H1N1 virus is not zoonotic swine flu, as it is not transmitted from pigs to humans, but from person to person.

I have also noticed a disturbing trend from Muslim clerics - whenever a disaster or an outbreak occurs in a non-Muslim land, it is thought as Allah’s way of punishing the infidel.

Yes, on both counts, but the imam has a point. The virus originated in pigs, then mutated in a way that it could infect humans person to person. It is thought that large scale confinements of pigs played a part in this happening. Such large scale hog businesses wouldn’t exist without a demand for pig meat.

Well, its not at all uncommon for Christian pastors (or average believers) in the United States to attribute the latest disaster as God’s punishment on a wayward nation. I think religious leaders just like to speak for God.

Come on, we all know they are just using this as an excuse to pass judgements on kafirs. Why didn’t the Imam say something about the H5N1 (bird flu virus)? How come the Qu’ran missed out on that? Hmmm… An epidemic is an epidemic and has got nothing to do with what the Qu’ran says.

This is true, but Muslim clerics who pass judgements on poor souls overwhelm Christian ones. I live in Singapore (a “red dot” surrounded by a “sea of green” [Muslims] as one Indonesian politician put it) and i have come across many articles by Muslims who passed terrible judgements about the 2004 tsunami, the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, 9/11 and several other disasters. It is simply overwhelming.

One imam said that the H1N1 flu was allah’s judgement on America, even though the virus originated in Mexico, where it killed many people.

The one American fatality actually was a child from Mexico who apparently already was infected.

And come on–160 cases out of 300 million people in the USA is HARDLY divine judgement.

Of course, if it appears in Moslem countries, watch them blame Israel.

I read a news article about 2 or 3 days back about the muslims in the middle east blaming israel regarding the flu… I’ll try to dig it up!

I was just waiting for something like this to pop up, it doesnt surprise me that islam has jumped on this, esp been connected to pigs. :rolleyes:

I agree with you on all of those points.

I would guess so. Its hard for someone such as myself, living in the middle of a large and predominantly Christian nation, to know what it is like. I’m sorry if my earlier post seemed contentious.

Does the Quran say anything about chicken? There was that H5N1 virus in Asia that ran rampant just several years ago.

Or what about mad cow disease? Do the Muslims say anything about beef?

…Perhaps vegetarian is the way to go.

They have also been blaming the West and/or the Jews for things such as the swine flu.

I enjoyed your post on their ‘thoughts’ on the swine flu. It reminded me of a newsreporter asking Paris Hilton about the swine flu and her response, ‘I don’t eat that’. :shrug:

Same level of ‘thought’.

And the earthquakes in Bam, Iran (+20,000 killed) and Southwest Pakistan? What does the Qur’an have to say about them? How about instead of gloating at the “correctness” of your own self-serving interpretations you roll up your sleeves and actually HELP the people suffering from this calamity, as the “infidel” nations always seem try to do when a tsunami, earthquake, or some other disaster strikes an Islamic area? This Imam makes me sick!

Three thoughts:

  1. Isn’t it obvious that Islam forbids eating pork, because its a mis-mash of already established religions / customs. Jews in antiquity probably didn’t eat pork because when cooking on an open flame, its hard to kill all bacteria (no temp. button or timers on camp fires.) This eventually becomes part of Jewish faith: forbidding pork. Like most things in the Quran, a teaching is ripped off, twisted for someones own end, and adopted (countless more embarrassing examples.) and of course, YOU DON’T GET SWINE FLU FROM EATING PORK PRODUCTS! (as many have stated.)

  2. Yet another thing Protestants and Muslims have in common: Remember Pat Robertson/ Falwell, etc. blaming Hurricane Katrina on God’s wrath - this is what Imams do also. Its an extension of a fundamentalist view of scripture.

  3. God bless all of mankind…but its good to be Catholic!

Some ‘islamic science’:

Mountains are fixed

Allah made stars to shoot Satan as Missiles?

99 dragon in muslim butt? quran bed time story (this one is a hadith - Tabari - one of the 6 accepted translations of the hadiths)

Check out muhammadtube.com - it has a lot of things about islam and see how easily it can be debunked - its science, history, mohammed’s prophethood, etc.

It’s especially funny given that this particular outbreak of swine flu in fact isn’t pure swine flu at all, but is a mixed strain combining swine and avian (bird) flu. :shrug:

Here is the deal though - just think how many will totally believe what their clerics tell them. It is astounding.

Ah, thinking out loud. I am glad to be a Catholic and not to worry and counting the days when the world may end. :thumbsup:

I am glad that we are not subjected ot any whim and fancy of men about when God’s judgment happens and will come, by the things we see everyday on this earth.

Let Muslims, and JWs and Protestants :wink: do all the worrying and us Catholics just go about our everyday business in faithfulness to the living God.


Perhaps if it were avian flu instead of swine flu he wouldn’t be making such a claim. Preachers should stick to preaching and doctors to doctoring. Muslims today seem to have far too many half-doctor half-preacher types who unknowingly perpetuate myths such as this.

The Qur’an tells Muslims to abstain from eating certain things for Wisdom that is from God. I think people shouldn’t be eating pork first of all, but the sermon seems to be some arrogant wishful thinking combined with a very poor understanding of the swine flu virus in the first place.

And it is Egypt, incidentally, which was considering (not sure if they decided to do it or not) slaughtering 350,000 pigs. Given the means by which the virus is spreading, such an act wouldn’t do anything whatsoever to stop the spread or protect Egyptians from it.

I will add, as well, that at my mosque there was something mentioned about swine flu on Friday–the same precautions being aired on almost every other media about washing hands and looking out for symptoms.

As Dale_M also mentioned before me, it is common for many people, regardless of religion, to make claims when observing a natural disaster that it is a demonstration of punishment from God. Yet anyone with knowledge, Muslim or otherwise, would say, rather, that it is not our place to judge.

I expect all religions have the same proportion of the truly bonkers - some are just better at public relations management.

Do they preach against beef. What about mad cow disease?

And what about vegetables and the outbreaks of illness from eating raw vegetables? And peanut butter? And chicken? Water?

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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