Swiss bishops criticize country's ban on construction of minarets

VATICAN CITY (CNS) – The bishops of Switzerland said the country’s ban on the construction of minarets, the Muslim prayer towers, represents an obstacle to interreligious harmony.

The ban aggravates interfaith tensions and could have negative repercussions on Christian minorities in Muslim countries, the bishops said in a statement Nov. 29.

sometimes it’s very difficult to accept all catholic teaching.

Is there any Muslim country with a free, thriving and growing Christian population?:shrug:

The ban on minarets is certainly not in accord with the idea of religious freedom. But then, neither is the prohibition of bibles and Christian evangelization or conversion in Islamic countries.

Thriving will depend on how you define it, but I think the Christian community is doing well in Albania.

Is it really better for mosques to not have minarets? What is the advantage? It only hides the changing demographics of Europe and allows people to remain in ignorance of what is happening.

But I’m biased: I think Muslims are better people than liberal cafeteria “catholics”. I fully expect God to hand secular post-Christian societies over to them for purification.

Be aware there is now a motion in Switzerland to not allow Jews and Muslims seperate graveyards any more…

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