Swiss Catholics call for same-sex partnerships, change in teaching on Communion [CWN]

Five months before the upcoming Synod of Bishops, the Swiss Bishops’ Conference has published a report summarizing the results of recent discussions by Swiss Catholics on marriage and …


Six thousand persons, the majority of them clergy, catechists, and active parishioners, took part in the discussions, which were held between January and March.

So will this “report” be submitted to the Holy Father which essentially calls for the destruction of catholic doctrine? Far outnumbers the few signatures he’s received in urging the Church to stay faithful to her beliefs.

Church doctrine cannot ‘change’ it merely ‘develops,’ so these Swiss Catholics are living on false hope.

With the use of sophistry and casuistry, many clever things can be accomplished. For instance, it has been said that communion for the divorced/remarried has already failed as far as any authentic “development” of doctrine. Nonetheless, it’s still on the table in October.

I read the article and thank you for posting this information.

I am sure the letter going out to Rome will have no traction. It sounds to me like the Church in Switzerland is poorly led and heavily influenced by a liberal clergy and popular culture.

Problems like this take a long time to fix but the solution must start by replacing the leadership beginning at the top and working all the way down to the deacon and other lay leaders in the parishes.

I date a Catholic woman that is divorced, but faithful to policies/teachings of the Church. It pains me when we go to Mass together and she abstains from communion. She would like to get an annulment but can not afford the financial burden of getting one nor is she sure if her ex-husband would even cooperate in the effort just out of spite.

In any event, the Roman Catholic Church in Switzerland is in trouble and it will take generations to fix it.

Peace be with you all.

Thank God this is not up for a vote.

Sounds like there is a small minority of Catholics in the Catholic Church of Sweden.

Most tribunals will wave the fees if they truly cannot be afforded, and the husband’s involvement is helpful, but not necessary. Also, unless you two are engaged in sexual actions then you have no reason to abstain from communion (unless you’ve committed some other mortal sin, of course). It is not a mortal sin to be divorced, especially if the relationship was abusive. As long as her conscious is clean on other grave matters then she should embrace the healing power of the sacraments ^^ Now, if you’re engaged sexually then both of you should be abstaining from the sacrament.

I would really encourage her to speak to her pastor about the financial burden, and then proceed with the annulment process. Her husband does not have to have anything to do with it, an annulment can be obtained with or without the other spouse’s cooperation.

May God bless her for her desire to keep the Church’s teachings, and grant her a just ruling on her annulment.

Development of Doctrine is really quite simple. If you plant an oak tree, the ‘seed’ does not resemble in many ways the full-grown ‘oak’, granted. However an oak tree cannot become a ‘pine’ tree. It can only naturally evolve towards its pre-ordained size, shape and physiognomy.

Those advocating for gay marriage are trying to change an oak tree into a pine tree. This is not ‘development’, it is ‘rupture’.

Not the first time in our Church history that lay people and even priests and Bishops have tried to make the Church, Pope, change doctrine to their way of thinking and it has NEVER worked. The many Heresy’s should be proof of that. Even the false teachings after Vatican II have failed. Have Faith, pray for our Holy Father and those that oppose Church teaching in every manner. God Bless, Memaw

There already have been changes since Vatican II on who may receive Holy Communion. For example, it was in the news that the Pope had given Holy Communion to a Protestant.

This is a common trend. The highly centralized, corporate Media push a certain agenda. Catholics, like everyone else, are heavily influenced by the Media, since it provides them far more “sermons” than the Church in a week. Many Catholics, especially those with limited doctrinal formation in Western countries, adopt those views on morality.

Public opinion polls, which are sponsored by those same corporations. slant the outcome so it looks like a majority of Catholics obey the media position on morality. The publication of those polls creates a bandwagon effect, to further promote them. Then religious writers, who often have one foot in the secular media, spin those results around so it looks like this trend is not for immorality, but rather a “newer, more compassionate” morality. Then the churches in a given country gather input, but the only people who speak up are those who want a change. Those who hold traditional views are undercounted.

Then they use this slanted process to press to make a “position statement”, getting things written into rough drafts for the Synod; even though they are not adopted by the Synod, those rough drafts or working documents get more attention than the actual Synod conclusions. Then when the Synod reaffirms Catholic Tradition on doctrine, the media blames Cardinal Burke, or extreme right wing cardinals, for over ruling the people. The “rough drafts” gets more or less disseminated, implying that this is what the Church will officially approve next Synod, so you might as well implement it now in your parish and marriage.

That’s a rather short article, so it’s hard to say just what it portends. Saying that “the exclusion of remarried divorcees from the sacraments must be ended,” and “partnerships for gays and lesbians should have a place in the Church,” sounds like a demand for doctrinal change. One wonders, if a great many Swiss Catholics do not accept Catholic teachings, is the Church already in schism.

That is not a change, it may be an exception, depending on the circumstances. God Bless, Memaw

Thats a word game. Maybe there will just be a lot more exceptions then?


I think the person meant to say “Switzerland”. Swedes are from Sweden :wink:

I believe we’ve had a de facto schism for quite some time.

oops,sorry got my Sweeds and Swisses mixed.

What he said.^:blush:

I understand the process of “development of doctrine” and I agree.

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