Swiss group to allow assisted dying for elderly who are not terminally ill


A Swiss organisation that helps people take their own lives has voted to extend its services to elderly people who are not terminally ill.

Exit added “suicide due to old age” to their statutes at an annual general meeting held over the weekend, allowing people suffering from psychological or physical problems associated with old age the choice to end their life.

Assisted dying is legal in Switzerland and technically even a healthy young person could use such services. However, organisations involved in this work set their own internal requirements, which differ from group to group.


Lord have mercy. Praying.


Coming next assisted dying for the blind, deaf, crippled…


Slightly off topic … Is the Swiss Guard at the Vatican under the same governing of the Swiss who passed this law?

This mentality opens the possibility of mandated termination of the elderly. Guess that the population inverted pyramid is probably causing skewed perceptions of the elderly … Especially since they are so socialist.


You mean if you are asking if the Swiss Guard are Swiss citizens, yes the Swiss Guard are Swiss. It’s one of the requirements.


There was an article about this a while ago:–abc-news-topstories.html

Basically, two twins born deaf realized that they were going blind and chose to be euthanized. Lord have mercy on our souls.


So now will Swiss elderly who need assistance in the Activities of Daily living choose to kill themselves? Will they think, “I need help, bathing, dressing or feeding therefore I think I am
a burden”.

This is so wrong. Every life is precious and sacred whether one is young, old, pre-born,
healthy, independant, dependant, ill, handicapped or able bodied. I hope those needing help
in their everyday lives do not consider themselves burdens and kill themselves. That would
be a great tragedy.


Sadly, the very generation that legalized and mainstreamed abortion is now collapsing in on itself.


Not terminally ill? Not a problem. We can kill you anyway. How soon before the ‘right to die’ becomes the ‘duty to die?’


Not for long I’m afraid.


the nazis would be proud of Switzerland. What next…euthanasia for religion or ethnicity?


As I have often said on this forum, we live in a miserable and corrupt world. More specifically, we live in a world of good and evil, which are working in conjunction with each other to bring our world to salvation. Perhaps God will use some of us to change that part of their social policy. In the mean time, be at peace and know that God has our world under His control.

LOVE! :heart:


But are they governed by Swiss law? Isn’t the Vatican considered its own state with its own laws? Do the Swiss Guard fall under Swiss Law or Vatican Law?


The problem with Euthanasia is that it’s so terrible convenient.

Allowing the elderly to end their lives in the face of tremendous pain allows people to feel great about being compassionate while actually stopping short of personally doing anything to help. Similarly, it allows governments with socialized medicine to eliminate an age category responsible for a disproportionate amount of health care costs. For many people, Euthanasia sounds like a win-win.

To combat this, I think that pro-life movements needs to get better at articulating the inherent worth and dignity in every life regardless perceived quality of that life. I know that the pro-life movement has been saying it for years, but clearly its been falling on death ears. Perhaps, like Pope Francis, we can find some way of re-articulating these principles that will capture the imagination of the public.

On the bright side, the rest of us (particularly Canada and the US) will have a much easier time arguing the slippery slope when we can observe it happening before our very eyes (especially in Switzerland and Brussels).


“assisted dying” = assisted suicide.

Fear not. All of those remaining who approved of various things over the years does not include all of us, although it did poison some.



I am in my middle years and this move to legalise euthanasia/assisted suicide worldwide scares me. Thank God it is still illegal in the UK where I live but there is a strong move to legalise it over here and the media constantly push it as something good as well as the “soap operas” that are featuring it as a storyline not to mention Z list celebrities that openly favour it… Also opinion polls indicate that most Brits would support a change in the law to allow assisted suicide/euthanasia. I fear for my own safety if it is legal when I am in my twilight years as the “right to die” inevitably becomes the “duty to die”. I want the right to die when God decides it’s my time not when someone in a white coat with medical degrees decides!!!:mad::(:banghead::dts:


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