Swiss voters back ban on building of minarets (Muslim prayer towers)

Swiss voters appear to have defied their Government and churches today and approved a national ban on the construction of minarets.

Early results showed that 57 per cent of voters had backed the proposal, ensuring international embarrassment for Switzerland and a possible backlash in the Muslim world. A majority of the 27 cantons supported the move, according to partial results…

The approval is the latest act by European voters in support of anti-immigrant parties, following electoral successes over the last decade by far-right parties in Austria, the Netherlands and France…

The ‘yes’ vote, if confirmed, shows the strength of feeling against a Muslim population which has grown over the past 20 years to 350,000 or four per cent of the population…

Good for them. I don’t blame them for being tired of their country being taken over.

Well that’s really foiled those devious Muslims and their cunning plots.

“East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet…”

It’s nice to know that some European countries will stick up for themselves without being afraid and actually say enough is enough.

It’s far better than the others that allow newcomers to take advantage and walk all over them.

Are those where the sort of buzzy call to prayer comes from?

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