Switzerland passes violent games ban

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this is an extreme form of censorship in my opinion, and really quite ridiculous. Why draw the line at video games, lets eliminate all action movies as well, all war movies, so on and so forth. People need to use their own judgement when it comes to playing certain games or letting their kids play certain games, the government shouldn’t play nanny and tell you what forms of media are acceptable.

I wasn’t able to view the link because the server won’t respond. Perhaps it is overwhelmed by visitors since it appears to be the main English language source of this information.

However, other websites have based their articles on the link Edwest provided. It seems this vote authorizes the Swiss government to devise laws which would ban violent video games. The actual legal framework of such a ban still needs to be worked out.

No, it’s not good news. I prefer to utilize my free will and decide for myself what I choose to purchase. The state is not my mommy.

And I am not a violent video game fan at all.

I think anyone who tries to portray the State as a parent should think about the image all countries present to the world. Does each country have such an image? How is it defined? All people living in whatever country help to shape it. Imagine being the Cultural Exchange Ambassodor for the United States to a foreign country. What do we give to that foreign country as examples of our great and admirable culture? A copy of Porky’s? Jay and Silent Bob? A few hours of Chris Rock’s HBO Specials?

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Given how you and I seem to agree on so much, I think, to quote a true peice of art,

“this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!”

Agree to disagree on this one. God bless right back at you.

This isnt the core issue, the issue here is about liberty, its about the individual declaring: “I know my own limits and boundaries, i know what is right for me, and i don’t need the state to tell me.”

And in regards to your point, who should decide what aspects of our culture are admirable and great? everyone has a different view on this.

  • Matt

We should ban chess. It is a war game. Plus, it is so elitist, with kings, queens, bishops, and lots of pawns, pawns who die to protect the king. How absolutely barbaric. :smiley:

LOL! This was great! I wish I thought of this! Very funny!

Hi Matt,

I suggest you read some of the stories of the immigrants coming to a country they had never seen before. About their impressions of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Go ahead.

There is such a thing as right and wrong, good and evil and modest and immodest. It is my view that those definitions should stay the same as they’ve always been.

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The following is from Storm Warning by Billy Graham:

“Modern individualism, which is divorced from the foundations of Christianity and surrounded by a hedonistic society, has produced a way of life that is neither beneficial to individuals nor productive to society at large. Individualism used to be expressed positively within the context of the family, the community, the church, and the government. Personal rights were subjected to the overall good of society. But individualism today no longer observes such boundaries. The cry is, ‘I want what I want when I want it!’ Such selfish individualism weakens the very underpinnings of a nation built on strong moral foundations. (Holiness and the Spirit of the Age, 78.)”

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It appears that the story was slashdotted, so that would explain the outage.

I have to say that I don’t really like censorship though.

There’s nothing wrong with violent video games. There’s something wrong with immature people playing violent videogames.

Playing a violent videogame is not a per se moral evil the way that viewing pornography is. The latter cannot be viewed as such responsibly (it is inherently disordered). A violent videogame is not inherently disordered.

Just more Eurosocialist Liberal social engineering garbage. Why not just inject estrogen into everybody’s water while you’re at it? Hippies.

Believe me, there’s enough pharmaceuticals in our waters already. We’re already seeing feminization in fish (or maybe it was amphibians?). Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to remove it from the water when it goes through wastewater treatment before being dumped back into the river/stream/ocean/whatever. It gets worse, because when you look at a river like the Rhine, by the time it’s gotten to the Netherlands a lot of it has already passed through a person at least once.

sounds very similar to

I guess the upside is that if the Swiss continue to neuter themselves it will be real easy to invade some day.* Then we can mail a big shipping container of gold to the Israelis with our compliments.

    • I can imagine as our boys are overruning a position, blasting everybody in sight, the last Swiss defender is thinking to himself “Boy, Hello Kitty Adventures sure didn’t prepare me for this!”

I wouldn’t count on your scenerio. Most abled bodied Swiss men undergo basic military training. They are then issued their combat gear, including assault rifles, and take it home with them. They can mobilize a sizeable, and well armed military force in the matter of a day or two.

Possibly. But, it inures one to the nature of violence, and implies that it is just another way to gain pleasure. And, the more violent, the more one gets used to it. It’s a mild form of pornography.

Do you think that the Swiss do not have a well-qualified army, capable of defending their country? Unlike our country, they require every qualified male citizen to be proficient in the use of modern weapons and even require every man to keep an assault weapon in his home in case of a call up.

I can imagine as our boys are overruning a position, blasting everybody in sight

  1. "Our boys?? “Blasting everybody in sight”? How old are you? Are you college age yet? You obviously have never served in the military because soldiers don’t speak as you are doing about being engaged in a war. It is serious business and not a video game nor is it “Cowboys and Indians.”

  2. Furthermore, no country on earth has any designs on Switzerland

So among other things you don’t even know the definition of pornography. Sad.

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